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List of Jobs that will not exist in future

The world is advancing and technology is at the centre stage of the changes. With this advancement, some jobs face extinction and in the near future some jobs will completely be wiped out or will be less relevant. The disruption caused by this technological advancement is already being felt in various sectors, while others have already been disrupted.

A job that would otherwise need ten men is currently being handled by one machine that is more efficient and accurate that the human.

Technology is disrupting almost every sector, companies and institutions are constantly looking for most cost effective and efficient ways to improve productivity and this has led to a shift in looking for technological solutions.

That said and done, here is a list of some jobs that are likely to be wiped out in the near future.

  1. Tellers

Almost every bank you visit nowadays, you will realize there are 2 or 3 tellers you will meet. The reduction in the number of cashiers and tellers has largely been caused by banks embracing online banking.  Cash can easily be deposited via ATM or cash drop box while one does not need to visit the bank to withdraw money, thanks to the available mobile and internet banking options. With these trends on the rise and more people opting for them, it is no secret that tellers will have little or no work in the near future.

  1. Data Analysts

Statisticians and Data Analysts may not exist in future because there are software that automatically analyze data and produce reports. This puts data analysts at risk of being rendered irrelevant in the near future. With digital data analysis being more accurate free from errors, more companies are opting for the digital data analysis.

  1. Accountants

Nowadays nobody is willing to line up to be paid salary, many are paid via the bank. There are also several tools companies use to make payments. The work of an accountant is to ensure what is debited and what is credited balances but if there are software that can do the jobs, do we really need accountants? Even a secretary, driver or the owner can do the job. Most companies are as well opting to outsource accounting services from other companies instead of employing one.

  1. Traditional Taxi

Gone are the days when you had to hustle to get a taxi. Nowadays the traditional taxi have greatly been disrupted by the digital taxi. At the push of a button you can get a tax near you and get where you need to be in minutes. The digital taxis such as uber, little cab and many more others are way more affordable and convenient than the traditional ones.

  1. Librarians

People are opting to reading books online while on the move or at the comfort of their rooms without the need of visiting a library. Most colleges and universities are setting up online libraries where students can access learning materials.

Library Science course is one of the courses that education experts advise students against pursuing.

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