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Kenya Members of Parliament Salaries and Allowances

Kenya Members of Parliament are among the highest paid in the world. With Kenya having 290 elected MPs representing 290 constituencies across the country and other extra nominated Members of parliament. The government of Kenya spends Ksh295 over million monthly to meet the salaries of members of parliament.

Currently, every Member of Parliament earns a basic monthly salary of Kshs. 710,000 which is also taxable. Apart from the basic salary, each Member of Parliament is entitled to various allowances, among them; sitting allowance, house allowance, traveling allowance among others.

Members of Parliament are only entitled to earn one allowance outside the gross remuneration package as determined by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission which is a sitting allowance. The sitting allowance is payable to a Member of Parliament when he or she attends a House or Committee sitting.

The parliamentarians are also entitled to hefty sitting and travel perks, mileage allowance, Sh250,000 housing allowance, Sh5 million car grant, Sh7 million car loan and Sh20 million mortgage.

Kenya Member of Parliament (MP)Monthly  Salary/Net Pay

Net pay or salary is the amount members of Parliament take home after deductions from the basic salary.

Each Kenyan MP earns an estimated salary of Ksh.685,000 per month. This is after deductions have been made.

Kenyan Members of Parliament Allowances

Each Kenyan Member of Parliament is entitled to the below allowances; However, all allowances are not uniform and some are not applicable to some Members of Parliament.

  1. Housing Allowance Ksh.250,000
  2. Sitting allowance Ksh. 100,000 per month
  3. Medical Allowance ksh.60,000
  4. Hardship Allowance Ksh.30,000
  5. Car grant Ksh. 5,000,000
  6. Car Loan Ksh. 7,000,000
  7. Mortgage Ksh. 20,000,000
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Apart from the above allowances and grants, members of parliament are also enjoy other benefits among them personal assistants, security, government vehicles and so on.

Member of Parliament Personal Assistant Salary

As earlier stated, Kenyan members of parliament are entitled to a personal assistant who are fully paid by the government of Kenya.

MP’s personal assistants help in executing plans and projects in the respective constituency.

Each MP’s Personal Assistant PA earns an average of Ksh.300,000 per month. This is inclusive of all the allowances and other benefits.

Final Word

With the parliament housing 349 legislators. Parliaments spends over Ksh3.50 billion annually or approximately KSh295.36 million monthly on their salaries.

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