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Here are 5 Farming Ideas with high returns to start

Whether you are interested in rearing animals or you want to practice crop farming, there are plenty of farming ideas with high returns to start. Making money through farming is not hard as many people believe. As long as there is a ready market for your produce, all you will need to do is work hard, be patient, and wait to reap big from your agribusiness after some time.


Some years back, farming was only considered to be a preserve for older people and the rural folks. To make it worse, it wasn’t considered as a business venture that one could invest in and make a substantial income. That is not the case anymore. A crop of young people from both urban and rural areas have developed a passion for farming and are benefiting a lot from it. Some have even been courageous enough to quit their jobs to concentrate on farming alone.


If you are wondering about the animals to keep or crops to grow, we have compiled a list of the best 5 farming ideas with high returns to start. If you decide to seriously venture into any of these farming ideas, you will never look back since it will provide you with your needs. With hard work and determination, you will be able to earn even more than an employed person from the sale of your farm produce. Having a passion for farming is also key if you want to succeed in it.


Factors to Consider when Starting Agribusiness

Before you start your farming business, there are several factors that you should consider first. Here is a list of some of them:


●     Availability of the Market

You understand that agribusiness is like any other business and the availability of the market for your produce is paramount. You wouldn’t want to grow your crops or rear your animals but can’t find a place to sell your produce finally.


To avoid incurring losses due to the unavailability of the market, conduct a feasibility study first. Gather all the information and know if what you intend to farm has a demand in the area. You can reach out to Grocery stores in the area to find out if they are willing to buy your produce and their buying price.

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To add to that, some produce like strawberries and tomatoes are highly perishable so there will be no time to waste looking for a place to sell them when they are ready for harvest.


●     Availability of Capital

Just like any other business, agribusiness needs capital to start. You will need enough money for farm input like fertilizer, agrochemicals, animal feeds, labour, and so forth.


To be on the safe side and not to run out of funds halfway, make a budget that can see your crops or animals through all the stages until they are ready to be sold. To avoid losses, do not start your agribusiness if you do not have sufficient capital.


●     Farming Method

Both crop and animal farming have different farming methods. Apart from open-field farming for crops, there are several other methods like greenhouse farming, hydroponic farming, and vertical farming. On the other hand, there is zero grazing for cattle, free-range and organic farming methods for poultry.


You must know beforehand the type of farming method you would like to practice, its advantages and disadvantages. Once you have decided, put everything in place and start your farming business.


●     Location of the Farm

The location of your farm is important when you need to transport them to the market. There should also be good road networks for easy transportation.


You will have an added advantage if the location of the farm is close to a town, an urban setting, or a residential area. This will attract customers to purchase the produce straight from your farm, hence saving you on transportation costs.

●     Season and Timing

Timing is very important when it comes to farming. You should be able to predict the season when your prospective crop will flood the market to avoid harvesting during that time. The higher the supply of produce in the market will definitely cause the prices to drop.

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List of 5 Farming Ideas with High Returns to Start
1.    Strawberry Farming

Strawberry farming is one of the best farming ideas with high returns that you can start. As long as they get sufficient water supply and sunlight, Strawberries do well in almost every part of the country. One good thing about them is that they have a high demand and hence a ready market.


With strawberry farming, you don’t need a large piece of land to get meaningful returns. A ⅛ of an acre piece of land has the potential of earning you up to KSh.10,000 per week when they mature.


Strawberries take about 70 days from the time they are planted as seedlings until they are ready for harvest. Because of their perishable nature, you ought to look for their market early enough before harvest.


2.    Mushroom Farming

Even though Mushroom farming is a lucrative business that has high returns, it is one of the most difficult farming practices to venture into. Mushrooms are delicate plants to grow. But if you follow the correct mushroom farming procedure, a ⅛ acre mushroom farm can earn you millions of shillings in a short time since they have high market demand in Kenya.


Since Mushrooms are classified as Fungi, they don’t require sunlight to grow. They can be grown in dark areas, normally inside houses where they are grown in bags.


3.    Bee Keeping

Beekeeping is a farming activity that has been practiced in Kenya for a long time only in some parts. It is not a requirement however to be in a specific part of Kenya to be a successful bee farmer.


To start a beekeeping venture, you first and foremost need to set up beehives. These are box-like structures that will attract wandering bees to live in. They will begin making honey which you will harvest and sell in about six months.

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The good thing about Beekeeping is that it does not command a lot of labour. You only need to make beehives, wait for the bees to live in them, and make honey, then you harvest the honey, and the cycle continues.


4.    Chicken Farming

Chicken farming is one of the best farming ideas with high returns that you can consider starting. Whether you want to rear your chicken for eggs or meat, you will always have a ready market for those products.


To start this venture, you will first have to consider the method in which you will keep your chicken between free-range and organic. Free-range is the less expensive method since the chicken will be wandering around looking for food on their own. The organic method on the other hand will make the chicken depend on you to buy the feeds. This makes this method a little more expensive to maintain.


The chicken breed also plays a big role in this venture. There are a lot of improved chicken breeds in the market that you can buy. Make sure you buy the breed that matures early.


5.    Passion Fruit Farming

Passion fruits thrive in areas with an average rainfall of above 1200mm per year like Kakamega, Murang’a, Vihiga, and Kisii. To start, you will need to prepare the land, buy seedlings and plant them. Since their stems are naturally weak, they need to be trellised by the use of wires and posts.


Many passion fruit farmers in Kenya have found an export market for their products. There is a high demand for passion fruits in countries like the UK, Netherlands, France, and Germany.



The 5 farming ideas with high returns discussed above are just a few examples. There are plenty more of such but would need you to practice patience, hard work, and passion to make it.

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