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How to Unsubscribe from Airtel Auto renewal Data and SMS

Receiving subscription SMS or auto renewal data from Airtel can sometimes be annoying. The good thing is that you can control and manage your Airtel data by stopping the auto renewal services. In this article, we look at how you can stop or unsubscribe from Airtel data auto renewal services. We shall also see how you can manage subscription SMS services from Airtel.

There is no worse thing like buying your airtime and immediately you recharge your Airtel line and before you can even use the airtime, it disappears through some subscriptions that you under looked or forgot to stop. Some of these subscriptions might be internet subscriptions or SMS subscriptions

In this article we share simple method you can use to manage and stop daily data subscription and daily SMS subscription that is eating into your airtime.

How to stop Airtel Data Auto Renewal

Android Bundles: *438*100#

Mega bundles: *408*100#

BB Bundle: Text STOP AUTO RENEW to 440

Daily/Weekly bundles: Text STOP to 141

Once you have unsubscribed from the data auto renewal services, it means that you will no longer be billed for data automatically. You will need to make the purchase request each time you are in need of data.

You can perform other functions to manage the use of your airtime properly through the use data manager functionality. This prevents your airtime from being used when you do not have data bundles. With this option it means you cannot browse unless you have bought data bundles.

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How to stop Airtel Promotional SMS
  • Dial *100# on your phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer (if using your Airtel line in a modem or MiFi router)
  • Select option 3. Manage My Account
  • Select option 8. Stop Promotional SMS
    You’ll see this: You want to STOP receiving promotional offers from Airtel on 254736123456? Note that the phone number used here is just for illustration purposes only.
    Reply with 1 to Confirm / opt out of promotional texts from Airtel.

That’s it. By following this simple steps you will be able to manage how you wish to interact and get services with Airtel.

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