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How To Open A KCB Agri-Business Account And Its Benefits

KCB Agri-Business Account is an account targeting small holder farmers. It is designed to take into consideration the cyclical nature of farmers’ income.

Benefits Of Opening an Agri-Business Account With KCB

Opening an agri-business account with KCB can offer a range of benefits specifically tailored to meet the financial needs of individuals and businesses engaged in the agricultural sector. These benefits can significantly contribute to the growth and success of agricultural ventures. Some of the key advantages of opening an agri-business account with KCB include:

1. Access to Agricultural Financing: KCB Agri-business accounts often provide access to specialized financing options, including crop loans, farm machinery loans, and working capital support. These financial resources can help farmers and agripreneurs invest in their agricultural activities, purchase necessary equipment, and manage cash flow effectively.

2. Competitive Interest Rates: KCB agri-business account offer competitive interest rates on loans and deposits, allowing account holders to access credit at favorable terms and earn higher returns on their savings.

3. Expert Agricultural Advice: KCB provides specialized agricultural expertise and advisory services to agri-business account holders. This guidance can help farmers make informed decisions, implement best practices, and maximize agricultural productivity.

4. Convenient Banking Services: KCB Agri-business account come with access to a wide network of branches and ATMs, making it easier for account holders to conduct their banking transactions and access financial services without significant inconvenience.

5. Digital Banking Facilities: KCB agri-business account offer digital banking options, such as mobile banking and online banking, which enable farmers to manage their finances conveniently from their mobile devices or computers, even in remote areas.

8. Government Support and Subsidies: Account holders may get governments offer special incentives, subsidies, or support programs to agri-businesses, and having an agri-business account with KCB can make it easier for farmers to access these benefits.

9. Networking Opportunities: Being part of an agri-business banking community may provide networking opportunities and access to events or workshops related to agriculture, allowing account holders to learn from others in the industry and explore potential partnerships.

10. Contribution to Economic Growth: The success and growth of agri-businesses are vital to the overall economic development of a country. By opening an agri-business account, farmers and agripreneurs play a crucial role in driving the agricultural sector’s progress, creating employment opportunities, and ensuring food security.

Requirements To Apply For KCB Agri-Business Account
  • Kenyan ID or Passport
  • KRA PIN certificate
  • A quality passport photo
Account Rates & Fees*
  • Zero opening balance
  • Zero minimum operating balance
  • Zero monthly maintenance fee
  • Debit Visa card – one-off fee of Kes 430
  • ATM withdrawal charge – Kes 30
  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and Salary Processing charge – Kes 200


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