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How to get started with Betika Aviator in Kenya

This article will guide you on how you can start playing Betika aviator for beginners. it will also guide you on tricks you can use to win. But first what is aviator?

The Aviator game allows you to step into the shoes of a daring pilot, with your earnings determined by how high you can lift the plane.

In this game, your winnings are multiplied by the height you manage to reach. The key is to find the perfect moment to stop the climb without pushing your luck too far. As a general rule, use the buyback button before the plane reaches its peak height. By utilizing the auto cashout feature, you can engage in safer and more responsible gambling practices, thereby increasing your chances of walking away with a profit.


How to play Betika Aviator and win

Follow the simple steps below to play the aviator game on Betika Aviator:

– Login to your Betika Kenya Aviator account. If you do not have one you can create one for free by signing up

-Head to your online account and deposit funds into your account

-Set your stake and play the next round once you have money in your Betika Aviator account.

-Once a round starts, a line graph moves across your screen while the odds and winnings increase.

-The trick is to cash out before the round expires and the “Boom!” pop-up appears.

-Your winnings are calculated at the point where you stop and cash out.

-When the round expires before you cash out, you lose your stake.

How to cash out on Betika Kenya Aviator 

You can claim your winnings on Betika  Aviator in 2 ways; either through the cashout button or auto cashout.

Press the Cashout button on the screen to take out your winnings and exit the round before the “Flew Away” pop-up.

The auto cashout feature allows users to set a target and withdraw automatically in a given round.

Once the plane reaches the set target, the system automatically cashes out and you wait and prepare for the next round.

The auto cashout feature could prevent you from delaying the cashout, therefore, minimizing losses.

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