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How to divert Safaricom calls

Safaricom, Kenya’s leading telecommunications provider, offers a range of call diversion features to help subscribers stay connected while on the move or when unable to answer calls. Whether you’re in a meeting, traveling, or simply prefer to receive calls on another device, Safaricom’s call diversion options provide flexibility and convenience. In this guide, we’ll explore how to effectively divert Safaricom calls to suit your needs.

Understanding Call Diversion Options:

Safaricom offers several call diversion features to cater to different situations:

Divert All Calls: Redirects all incoming calls to another number of your choice.

Divert When Busy: Diverts calls to another number when your line is engaged.

Divert When Unanswered: Redirects calls to another number if you don’t answer within a specified number of rings.

Divert When Unreachable: Sends calls to another number if your phone is switched off or out of network coverage.

Divert When Not Reachable or Busy: Combines the previous two options, diverting calls when your line is busy or unreachable.

Activating Call Diversion:

To activate call diversion, dial *21* followed by the destination number and “#” for unconditional diversion (divert all calls), *67* for diverting when busy, *61* for diverting when unanswered, or *62* for diverting when unreachable.

For example, to divert all calls to number 0723XXXXXX, you would dial *21*0723XXXXXX#.

To deactivate call diversion, dial #21# and wait for the confirmation message.

Customizing Call Diversion Settings:

You can customize call diversion settings by adjusting parameters such as ring duration before diversion and the destination number.

To change the number of rings before diversion, dial *61*XXXXX (where XXXXX is the number of seconds between 5 to 30) followed by “#”.

To change the destination number, deactivate the existing call diversion and activate it again with the new destination number.

Managing Call Diversion Remotely:

If you’re unable to access your phone, you can manage call diversion remotely by dialing the relevant activation/deactivation codes from another phone.

Ensure that you keep your PIN or authentication details secure to prevent unauthorized access to your call diversion settings.

Cost Considerations:

Safaricom may charge standard call rates for diverted calls, depending on the destination number and your tariff plan.

It’s essential to check the applicable rates and any additional charges for call diversion services.

Testing Call Diversion:

After setting up call diversion, it’s advisable to test the service to ensure it’s functioning correctly.

Ask a friend or family member to call your number to verify that calls are being diverted as expected.

Security and Privacy:

Always be cautious when diverting calls, especially to external numbers, to avoid unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Regularly review your call diversion settings to ensure they align with your current requirements and security preferences.

Customer Support:

If you encounter any issues or have questions about call diversion, don’t hesitate to contact Safaricom’s customer support for assistance.

Safaricom’s customer care representatives can provide guidance on setting up and troubleshooting call diversion features.

In conclusion, Safaricom’s call diversion options offer a convenient way to manage incoming calls effectively, whether you’re busy, traveling, or temporarily unreachable. By understanding how to activate, customize, and manage call diversion settings, you can stay connected and in control of your communications wherever you are. Remember to consider cost implications and security aspects when using call diversion services, and don’t hesitate to seek support from Safaricom’s customer care team if needed.

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