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Here is How You Can Check if Safaricom SIM Cards Is Registered Using Your Name

Today, the possibility of someone possessing a SIM card with your name and ID details is so high and finding out the number of Safaricom lines registered under your name can help you take the appropriate action.

The number of cases where individuals could register a Safaricom line were just recently when Safaricom introduced a prompt SMS service that notifies you when a new SIM card is being registered with your details. This service requires you to either accept the registration of a new number or decline the request.

Majority of incidences where someone attempts to register a new line using stolen information was highly due to fraudsters trying to commit a crime or with intention to borrow mobile money under your name and get away with it.

How to check the number of Safaricom SIM cards registered under your name

To check and determine the number of SIM card registered under your name and ID number. Dial *106# to see lines registered under your ID.

Sometimes you might get a message from Safaricom stating the following;

Dear Customer, urgently visit a Safaricom Shop, Dealer or Agent with original ID to update your SIM registration. Dial *106# for lines registered to your ID

To check the number of Safaricom Lines registered using your ID;

  • Dial *106# on your Safaricom line
  • Select Option one, Check my numbers
  • You will get a pop up message stating: numbers registered using your ID are: 0702XXX485, 0714XXXXXX890
  • The list will contain all the numbers registered using your ID number

Should you find any number that is registered under your ID yet you are not familiar with it; kindly contact Safaricom for assistance by visiting the nearest Safaricom customer care shop.

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Can someone register a Safaricom Line using your ID?

In 2020, Safaricom introduced a SIM registration consent that was meant to bar anyone from registering a Safaricom SIM card using your ID without your consent.

Safaricom stated that the move was following numerous complaints from customers finding out that their National Identification details have been used to register new numbers without their consent and used to commit crimes.

On an attempt to register a new number or someone using your ID to register a Safaricom line, you will receive a message below.

“Dear customer, a new number 702XXXX02  is about to be registered under your ID number.  Please reply with Yes to continue or NO to cancel the registration.”

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