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When talking about cryptocurrency pairs, it refers to comparing two cryptocurrencies where the reference is their price; one is valued based on the other. For example, the most widely used cryptocurrency pair is BTC/USD, where the price of Bitcoin is compared to the dollar. Use bitcoin trading  website if you are on the verge of purchasing tokens or cryptocurrency.

It is the standard way cryptocurrency investors usually evaluate their investments, considering the costs that each one has and thus projecting the possible change situations that can be generated in the digital financial market.

The value of a cryptocurrency pair

The way to determine it is simple; it could be compared to when we are in a virtual or physical store looking for prices. Still, in this case, it is not goods or products that are evaluated but cryptocurrencies or digital financial instruments.

The most crucial cryptocurrency pairs in the world not all cryptocurrency pairs are suitable for trading. If you want to examine the availability and exchanges on which you can trade specific pairs, you can do so via Coinmarketcap.

Once inside the web, it circulates to the cryptocurrency we want to consult. Then we would enter the “Market” tab and have all the information available.

The ideal way to choose cryptocurrencies to trade

It would help if you considered, mainly and very focused on, how to choose the best cryptocurrency pairs to operate. Traders decide on the market only after doing a lot of analysis. Initially, they analyze some cryptocurrencies to select an asset that gives them the highest returns.

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It is essential to subsequently carry out a specific analysis following a set of steps or methods that allow us to understand the trajectory of cryptocurrencies at a particular moment; this is directly linked to the fundamental and technical analysis; both are essential.

The best trading duo must be selected. It seems simple, but if you choose the wrong pair, you will only make minor profits or even suffer losses.

When talking about currency pairs, it is interesting to note that one currency is always more potent than the other in these pairs. However, this may vary due to market circumstances, where situations inherent to the region where the currencies are used tend to influence pairs.

To understand how these pairs are structured, it can be described in a simple way indicating that the first currency that is established in the pair is usually the one located on the left side is the base currency, while the second located on the right is the one that refers to the quote The separation between the two is done using a bar.

The way to read it is sequential. That is, the first is first, and the second is second. So the EUR / USD pair is read euro-dollar pair. Despite the hyphen that comes out in the middle, everything reads together. So the base currency is read first, and then the quote currency.

Another question arises. How do you interpret a currency pair? You must know how to read a currency cross, and let’s see how it is interpreted.

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That is if we see EUR/USD trading at 1.10 or USD/ JPY trading at 130, what does that mean? The figure it trades at tells us how much of the quote currency is exchanged for each unit of the base currency. Well, cite an example :

  • In the case of the EUR/USD pair, a comparison is made between the euro and the US dollar, where if said pair is trading at 2.20, it means that 2.20 dollars (USD) are exchanged for each euro (EUR).

Also, a suitable option is Ethereum for use in trading pairs. It is practically as common as bitcoin, and the main reason for this is the smart contracts on the Ethereum platform.

Another option in the active crypto market is USDT, which has become the most exchanged for less than three years, characterizing itself as one of the most stable digital currencies. Its popularity stems from the peg to the dollar value, where BTC can be exchanged for USDT.

There are many strategies when investing in the digital financial market; it is only necessary to prepare so that the method is increasingly perfected and can generate the expected returns.


Remember that the decision when investing will always depend on the user’s analysis before the investment. Avoid risks

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