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Amazing Facts: CocaCola was discovered accidentally in a lab


1.CocaCola was wiscovered accidentally by a pharmacist

Cocacola drink was discovered accidentally by a pharmacist in the lab. The coca and cola syrups that the pharmacist was working on accidentally spill off and mixed producing a sweet aroma scent that we feel when taking the drink.
However the major ingredients used in the drink remains a closely guarded secret to date

2. Amazon was started as an online book retailer

Amazon was started in 1999 by Jeff Bezos as an online book retailer. When the company was 5 years old Jeff Couldn’t see the future of the company and he was once quoted saying,’There is no guarantee that Amazon can be a successful company. What we are trying to do is very complicated’. From such humble beginnings. Amazon advanced from an online retailer shop to music and DVDs. It later grew to include electronics, toys and kitchen utensils.
Amazon marketplace was launched in 2000 offering a platform for thousands of small businesses.
Amazon Prime was later on launched in 2005 to offer shopping for selected items
Amazon is now the world’s second company in Market Valuation after Microsoft.

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3. The founder of Nobel Peace Prize was once pronounced dead while still alive

Alfred Nobel the founder of Nobel Peace Prize was once pronounced dead while still alive, he was shocked when he read in the media ‘The Merchant of Death is Dead’. He was an industrialist and inventor venturing in explosives and armaments manufacturing

At one point he was mistakenly pronounced dead,it was allover the news that he had died.After reading premature obituary condemning him for profiting from sales of arms, this made him rethink the legacy he will leave behind when he dies. He decided to dedicate his wealth to recognize and celebrate people with remarkable contribution to humanity. He is the founder of the Nobel peace prize the most coveted and prestigious award in the world.
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4. Diamonds can be manufactured in the lab

The preceius mineral you value and treasure is likely to have been grown in the lab. Synthetic Diamonds are are just of high quality as the mined ones but it takes a process to grow them.By placing the gems in a reactor and heating them for a period of between 4-6 weeks at a temperature of between 400-1200 Decrees Celsius, pure synthetic diamonds are produced.

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