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Amazing Facts: Youtube Was Developed as a Dating Site


  1. Youtube was first developed as a dating site

Founded in 2005 by Chad Hurley,Steve Chen and Jawed Karim who were former workers of Pay Pal, there driving point was to change dating style from the usual dating sites where lovers would hook up to a real situation where people would meet for a date and people would watch the recorded videos on Youtube. From this simple idea the interest and demand grew and people were allowed to sign in and upload various videos and share information.

  1. Nokia was a paper manufacturing company

Found in 1865 Nokia Company was primarily a paper manufacturing company. It was later in 1980s that the company released its first Nokia phones

  1. Facebook has blue scheme colour because of the founder

Mark Zuckerberg the founder of facebook cannot see the colors red and green properly hence opting for blue as the scheme color for facebook

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  1. Apple’s first logo featured Isaac Newton

Before adopting the current Apple logo Apple company featured Isaac newton sitting under a tree with an apple about to hit his head. Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and is a giant tech company with unique innovations in Smartphones, Macs ,Ipads, Ipods among others

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  1. President Benjamin refused to touch light switches due to fear

When electricity was first installed in the white house in 1891, it was a very new concept that then American President Benjamin Harrison and his wife both refused to touch light. White house workers had to follow them around and switch the lights off and on for them

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