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20 Best Courses To Study In Kenya Today

We are in the advanced world and therefore Kenya has grown to a level that the job market demands skills that are aligned to the current needs. If you have just completed your form 4 education and you want to join a college or University, you need to pursue courses that are marketable today. in this article we shall look at some of the best courses you can study in Kenya today.

Before you can settle for a course to study there are several key considerations you should look at;

Factors to consider before deciding on a course to study;

First, you should think about your interests. What kind of job do you want to have in the future? Do you have a hobby that you’re really passionate about? Maybe you’re interested in a certain field and want to learn more about it. Or maybe you just don’t know what direction to go in yet.

Second, think about the job market, are skills you are going to acquire relevant to the current job market. If your area of study is in the tech and innovation sector, then consider if location will not be a hindrance for you to secure a job.

Third, think about how much time and money it will take for you to complete your diploma or degree course. Not all course in Kenya are created equal, some will take 7 years and cost thousands of shillings, while others might take fewer years and cost less money.

Finally, make sure that the program is accredited by an accreditation body recognized. This ensures that your degree will be accepted by employers across the country as proof of your knowledge and skillset acquired during your education period at that institution.

KNEC and KASNEB are some of the recognized examination bodies in Kenya. If you are going for a degree program, then make sure the University is recognized and accredited by the necessary government bodies.

Best Course To Study In Kenya Today

  1. Teaching/Education

If you want to be a teacher, the best course to study in Kenya today is the Bachelor of Education (BEd). This degree program will give you the skills and knowledge to become a professional teacher.

It’s designed for people who love working with young people and want to help them grow and learn. You can as well start as a primary school teacher and advance later. teachers in Kenya are paid much better than it used to be some 10 years ago.

  1. Medicine

There is no doubt that medicine is one of the best courses to study in Kenya today. Medicine has a high demand and, therefore, it pays well. However, if you want to study medicine, be ready to work hard as it is not an easy course to study.

In addition, there are many requirements that you need to meet before you can begin your studies in this field. For example, you must have good grades and pass certain subjects such us languages and sciences in KCSE to be accepted into a medical school.

To pursue a medical course, you need to identify a suitable course within the medical field some of the best courses in medicine field include, Nursing, Surgeon, Clinical officers and so on.

To study medicine in Kenya you will need to enroll in a Medical school (KMTC) or join a university that offers the course you are interested in.


  1. Marketing

Marketing is a broad and complex field that teaches you how to make more money for your company. Marketing is a science that uses data and research to understand customers, then uses that data to create strategies for reaching them. The goal of marketing is to help your company grow and thrive by creating value for your customers.

In this course, you will learn how to identify the needs of your customers and then develop products or services that meet those needs. You’ll also learn how to sell those products or services using advertising, public relations, direct mail and social media marketing tactics.

  1. Human Resource

The Human Resource Management is a very important course that deals with all the issues related to human resource and their management. It deals with employee relations, employee benefits, employee training, employee development and many other related issues.

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This course aims at improving the efficiency of employees through proper training, development and motivation. The course also helps in maintaining a good relationship between employers and employees so that there will be no problem later on when it comes to performance or getting work done.

  1. Software Engineering

If you want to get a job right away after graduation and make some serious money, then software engineering may be the best course for you. Software engineers are in high demand across both public and private sectors because they are needed everywhere from big businesses like Google and Microsoft all the way down small startups in Kenya.

Software engineers create programming languages that allow computers to perform complex tasks such as encoding data while also making them user-friendly so people can interact with them more easily. They also design software applications that can help people accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently than ever before possible before computers were invented.

Digital Marketing

  1. Project Management

This course will give you the skills to manage projects of all kinds, from small personal projects to large-scale business endeavors.

You’ll learn how to identify and assess risks, as well as how to create a plan for success that accounts for those risks. You’ll also learn how to delegate tasks, track progress, and stay on top of deadlines.

The best part? You’ll have hands-on experience throughout the entire course. You’ll work closely with your classmates and instructors on real-world projects that you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned right away.

  1. Law

Law is a subject that deals with the principles of right and wrong within society. It also deals with the laws that are made by governments to ensure that everyone follows them.

Law students learn about different types of law including constitutional law, criminal law, international law, administrative law and many others. They also learn about how these laws are made and what they mean.

There are many different types of lawyers who can help people with their problems such as divorce lawyers who deal with marriage issues or employment lawyers who deal with employment issues like unfair dismissal from work due to unfair treatment from an employer which could lead to loss of earnings if not resolved quickly enough before quitting your job altogether.

To study law in Kenya, you will need to enroll in a reputable university and upon completion of your course, you will then have to join the Kenya law school before you can start practicing.

  1. Architecture

The field of architecture is a large one, and there are many different types of architecture that can be studied. There are some who study the history of architecture, while others focus on how architects design buildings. The most common type of architecture that people study is urban planning and design. This type of work involves creating plans for new buildings or redesigning existing ones.

Architects need to have a lot of creativity, as they will be tasked with coming up with new ideas for buildings that will fit into their clients’ budgets and needs. They also need to be skilled at drawing, as they have to sketch out their ideas on paper in order to show them off to potential clients.

  1. Agriculture and related courses

Students who study agriculture will learn how to grow plants, raise livestock, preserve food and manage pests. They may also learn about the latest research on soil health or climate change. In addition to studying the principles of agriculture, students will also learn how to use technology such as GPS devices and computers in their work environment.

Agricultural studies include four main categories: plant sciences, animal sciences, agricultural economics and business management, food science.

In Kenya today there are many institutions that offer excellent programs in agriculture and related courses Like Bukura Agricultural Institute. The University of Nairobi, JKUAT, and Moi University have some of the best programs in Kenya today with its Bachelor’s degree program in Botany which covers topics such as plant physiology, plant biochemistry and plant ecology among others.

  1. Pharmacy

In this day and age, it is important to have knowledge of how pharmaceuticals work and the various ways they can be used. This makes pharmacy the best course to study in Kenya today. It will help you understand how chemicals affect the human body and how you can use them to make people better.

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The role of a pharmacist involves the dispensing of medicines and other health products, as well as providing advice on the use of such products.

The profession requires you to be knowledgeable about drugs and their effects on the human body. As such, you will need to have a good understanding of chemistry and biology. The course also teaches you about medical ethics and law, so that you can effectively carry out your duties.

  1. Counselling and Psychology

The course is designed to teach you how to understand people’s behaviour and help them cope with their problems. You will learn how to communicate effectively with people, manage your emotions and stress levels as well as empathize with others. You will also learn how to deal with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

At the end of this course, you will be able to provide counselling services for both individuals and groups. You may also choose to work in private practice or join an organization that offers counselling services such as hospitals or schools.


  1. Data Science

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge from data in various forms and to make predictions using the insights derived from it. It is a combination of business analytics, computer science, mathematics and statistics.

Data scientists are in high demand in Kenya as they are responsible for analyzing large amounts of data sets and making recommendations based on their findings. The demand for data scientists is expected to rise by 2030 with more than half of the jobs being created in the U.S., China and India.

Data Science is one of the most sought after courses among students who want to pursue higher studies abroad as well as those who want to start their own businesses.

The University of Nairobi offers a Bachelor’s degree program in Data Science which can be completed over four years with a specialization option available as well (2 years). Besides this, several other universities offer similar programs including Strathmore University, JKUAT, USIU-Africa and Egerton Universities.


  1. Piloting

Piloting is a great course to study in Kenya today. It’s very important for you to have a good piloting skills. Being a pilot requires a lot of hard work, dedication and determination. You will need to be able to fly an aircraft safely and efficiently. If you want to become a pilot then there are certain things that you will need to consider before you start studying this course.

The first thing that you need is passion for aviation because without passion you will not be able to achieve your dream of becoming a pilot. Kenya Airways is one of the biggest employer of Pilots in Kenya today.

  1. Journalism

Journalism is a very good career and it pays well. It also helps you to be aware of what’s happening around you and share your thoughts with other people. Journalism also helps you to be a better citizen because you will know about your country and its policies, which will help you make informed decisions.

There is a high demand for qualified journalists interested in writing about technology, business, and other related issues in Kenya.

News Reporters at Work
  1. Urban Planning

With the urbanization rate increasing in Kenya, it is not surprising that many people have started to take interest in studying urban planning. Urban planning is a multi-disciplinary field that requires skills from different fields such as architecture and engineering.

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Urban planners are responsible for developing policies that can help improve the quality of life in cities. They also help develop plans for new developments such as roads, hospitals, schools and other public facilities.

The best course to study in Kenya today is Urban Planning because it will provide you with the skills you need to succeed as an urban planner. This course will teach you everything about how cities work and how they can be improved upon by creating better planning practices.

Konza City
Urban planning of Konza City
  1. Business Management

In this course, you’ll learn how to manage a business from its inception all the way through its growth and expansion. You’ll learn about how to set up your business, how to market it, how to keep track of your finances, and more.

This is a great course for anyone who’s interested in starting their own business or just wants to better understand how businesses work.

The course focuses on the following topics:

-Business planning

-Marketing and sales management

-Human resource management

-Financial management


  1. Plant Operator

Plant operator is a short term course that can take some few months. It is a job that pays quite well and has a lot of opportunities for growth. This job is also very flexible and you can do it anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.

The salary for this job starts at around 35,000 KES per month but will increase as you gain more experience and move up in the company. The highest salary possible with this position is around 100,000 KES per month.

The job is to operate and maintain industrial machinery, such as steam turbines and air compressors.

  1. Physical Education

This course is designed to help you become an expert in sports and physical fitness. You will learn how to teach people the right way of exercising, playing sports and staying fit. The course is offered by various universities in Kenya. If you are interested in becoming a Physical Education teacher, then this is the right course for you.

The course focuses on giving students a thorough understanding of all aspects of Physical Education. Students will learn how to make sure that they are able to provide proper guidance and training when it comes to physical fitness and sports. They will also gain knowledge on how to properly administer fitness tests so that they can be able to see where there are needs for improvement in their clients or students.

The curriculum covers topics such as:

• Exercise Physiology

• Sports Psychology

• Fitness Evaluation Techniques


  1. Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management is a very important course because it helps people understand how they can become leaders who have an impact on their organizations. It also teaches them how to manage other people efficiently so that they can achieve their goals in life.

The course covers everything from business management, leadership development, conflict resolution and how to motivate people. It will help you grow as a leader and prepare you for leadership positions in the future.

The program also covers topics like communication skills, business ethics, negotiation skills, decision making, time management skills and much more.

  1. Hospitality Management

Hospitality management is a very interesting and dynamic field of study. It is a course that teaches students the basic principles of running a hotel and other hospitality related services. Students who pursue this course will be able to gain knowledge on how to manage and run hotels, restaurants, resorts, casinos and bars.

Hospitality management is one of the fastest growing professions in Kenya and around the world. This is because of the fact that there is always an increasing demand for these services from both local as well as international tourists who visit the country on holiday or business trips.

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