Maina Kageni Blasts Tanasha Donna After Breakup With Diamond

Radio host Maina Kageni has fired a shot at Tanasha Donna after a nasty break up with Diamond Platinumz. Maina Kageni stated that if Zari could not change Diamond then Tanasha Donna was very wrong to thing that she could change him.

“Ladies, why do you put up with such? I keep telling all these little girls I see around Diamond, don’t think that you’re going to be different. He will not change! If Zari could not change him, who are you?” He wrote

Maina kageni was speaking on his radio show on Wednesday, He stated that he and Diamond are still good friends as he knows him well

“And knowing him, he even probably cheated on that video vixen with another woman in America coz you all know him. When he sees something nice in a skirt, anafuatuilia.”He continued

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“He even told her to relocate to Tanzania because he can’t go for three weeks without sex,” he said.

“If Diamond turns around and says he wants Zari he will have her”. Kageni stated

The pair fell out a few weeks ago and over the weekend, Tanasha revealed that all was not well in paradise. She exposed Diamond Platinumz as a narcissistic and unfaithful man. This did not sit well with Diamond’s close relatives. The sister insisted that Diamond was not ready to settle down in marriage atleast for now. She stated that Diamond is focused on his Music career

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Zari Warning

When Zari claimed that Diamond would never change and that this relationship was headed nowhere she received backlash from Tanasha and her supporters. Of course, it was thought she was only a jealous woman bitter because she couldn’t handle Diamond being with another woman. Since experience is the best teacher, Zari was speaking from the point of wisdom.

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Zari clearly warned Tanasha Donna that there was no problem with her having a child for Diamond, but as long as she had some money just in case, things did not work out. It seems that Tanasha took in the advice because, in recent times, all she had focused on was her music. Zari was ridiculed by Tanasha who claimed the former was trying too hard to seek attention from Diamond.

Tanasha Donna had taken to social media to announce to the world that all was not well.

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