Kate Actress bows to pressure and apologizes for careless comments on anti-Finance Bill demos

Like many other Kenyans, Kate Actress took to Instagram to express her disagreement with the now-controversial Finance Bill 2024.

Her post quickly garnered a flurry of heated comments from Instagram users.

One user criticized her for not voicing her objections directly to the president while she was in the United States.

Another user accused her of contributing to the misuse of public funds by participating in the president’s trip.

The “A Nurse Toto” lead actor did not take the comments lightly, retorting, “You don’t have that kind of money, please!”

Kate’s remarks implied that disgruntled Kenyans on Instagram couldn’t possibly have funded her trip to the US, sparking a backlash of harsh comments from netizens in response.

Kenyans on X (KOX) soon took over from the Instagram legion, relentlessly attacking the talented actress.

The ‘ungovernable’ X users criticized her acting career, including her recent performance on the “A Nurse Toto” TV show.

To intensify the onslaught, KOX delved into her private life, sharing unsolicited opinions about her highly publicized marriage to the prominent film director, Director Phil.

In line with the fervent anti-Finance Bill 2024 protest cycle, Kate’s phone number was shared online, inviting people to ‘greet’ her.

The wrath of Kenyans on X escalated further when calls for boycotts of Harpic and Nice & Lovely emerged.

Kate’s acting prowess and significant social media following had recently secured her lucrative endorsement deals with these brands.

Following the sustained backlash for her apparent dismissiveness of the economic struggles many Kenyans face, Kate Actress issued a public apology.

In a widely circulated remorseful statement, she expressed regret for her insensitive comments.

The talented actress acknowledged that she should have been more considerate and pledged her support for the popular cause.

Despite her apology, Kate Actress maintains her rejection of the punitive Finance Bill 2024.

This stance is clear from her social media pages, which are filled with anti-Finance Bill posters.

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