“I Sprinkled This Juju on My Wife’s Underwears and Now She Can’t Ever Leave Me”: Nairobi Man Narrates

I always consider myself lucky for getting my wife as a life partner. This is because unlike other women, she’s unique, smart, successful and extremely beautiful. She is one of those women whom every man longs to have as a wife because her qualities are rare.

And so when she finally accepted me to her husband, I was over the moon. The truth is, she is more educated, richer and successful than myself and it was thus a big deal when she became my spouse. She chose me over many other men who were also interested in marrying her.

Two years into our marriage, I realized my wife had become very distant with me. She would stay at her workplace longer hours, refuse to get intimate with me in bed and also deny me any affection and love. Whenever I tried asking if I had done anything, she would deny.

“You are just being insecure for nothing! I just want a little space from you,” she told me. In the weeks that followed she also packed her bags and told me she wanted to leave my house.

I could not lose her. The way she was losing interest in me was really alarming and I needed her to continue being invested in our marriage like she had always been. I called my mother and told them of my wife’s plans to dump and they advised me to fight for our marriage.

“You only get a good woman once in a lifetime and so you need to fight for this marriage. Call this number +254741930918. That is Doctor Kazimoto. He will help you solve the differences between you and your wife,” my parents advised me.

I called the number and after I talked with Daktari, he gave me an appointment for the following day. When I went to his workplace, he cast some love spells to make my wife love me even more. He also gave me some herbs to sprinkle on my wife’s inner wears.

I followed his instructions and in less than 24 hours, my wife called me and apologized for the way she had treated me. She returned home and since then, she has been the most submissive, caring and loving wife thanks to Doctor Kazimoto. I would advise anyone with a similar problem to seek help from KAZIMOTO DOCTORS.

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