I got back my expensive camera, we had gone for a photo shoot in Mombasa before it got lost

My wife and I had decided that we would celebrate Christmas at the coast since it was a nice place to spend especially the coastal breeze and the atmosphere at the coast was awesome especially for the new wedded couple. I had a NIKON Camera that I had bought 120,000 shillings and really I valued it so much.

Most of the times I used it especially when we were with my wife enjoying our time on leisure moments. I had place it in bag and as we had having some swimming session at the shores of the Indian Ocean, on coming out of water, the bag which the camera was had gone missing.

We tried to ask the beach boys if they had seen it but none of them said a word as they all told us there were so many people at the place hence concentration on the particular bag was a big task to them. After searching for it for about an hour, we all gave up. There was this beach boy who I felt had stolen it but refused to say the time we had been looking for it. The incident really ruined our time at the beach as that was the end of enjoying our Christmas.

I had really lost hope in looking for it as I knew well the person who had taken it had either sold it or something of kind. I felt we should not report to the police since they would have told us it was our carelessness that led to such an incidence happening. It was really a sad scene. The camera had a lot of photos which had our memories keeping in mind we had just wedded some few months ago.

The next morning my wife told me that there was this gifted herbalist who would ensure we got back our camera through his powerful spells. I never believed that but since I needed the camera as fast as possible she gave me Dr Mugwenu contacts who we called. Dr Mugwenu cast his spells as he said it was not a must to be at his offices.

The following day we were shocked as we were called at the shore as someone had been seen with the camera. Surprisingly, it was the beach boy who had first said he never saw anyone pick the bag. It was really a nice piece of work from Dr Mugwenu. The beach boy had been spotted in static motion as he was holding the bag.

We referred him to Dr Mugwenu to return to normality. Dr Mugwenu spell casting powers always work within 24 hours, mostly happening the same day they are released. He solves a range of life problems starting from family life problems like domestic violence, jealousy among relatives, casting out demonic spirits and more others.


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