How attempts to have a child turned into a worst nightmare for Faith

Faith Kihara is a woman who has seen it all in her attempt to have a child. She took to social media to express her disappointment and doubt in God.

Faith states that she got married in 2015 with hopes that she will have a beautiful marriage and blessings of children from God. But all was in vain as she stayed in her marriage for three years without being able to conceive. Her frustrations would later come to an end when she conceived in December 2018. But as it turned out her joy was short lived as she had a miscarriage 2 months after she conceived.

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“I managed to conceive again after 4 months for the second time and I was very happy” She stated. Her predicaments were far from over as she lost the second pregnancy through a miscarriage. She felt so discouraged and disappointed. The misfortunes seemed to be part and parcel of her as her attempts to have her own baby were thwarted before she could give birth.

Being down but not out, Faith conceived again for the third time. This time round just 2 months after losing her second pregnancy, her hopes and prayers were finally answered. She conceived in 2019 and carried her pregnancy to term. She was blessed with a baby on 20th of January 2020. This brought relief and joy in her heart. She felt that God had finally answered her prayers. She felt proud to be called a mother. The fruit of her womb was all she could thank God for.

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But her joy was short lived again as the baby became sick on 19th of February 2020 and died the following day. What puzzles hers is the timing in her child’s death. Faith lost her child exactly the same date she gave birth a month later. Giving birth on January 20th and losing the same child on 20th February took her a back. She took to social media Facebook page Women on Their Knees to God to share her story.

This left her down and out and doubted whether God really loves her.

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With many moved by her story, they comforted her and wrote encouraging messages to her. Here are some of the messages she received.


Grace Wangari Kneel down and pray God will hear you my dear sister

Dorine Mwakio God loves you so much never doubt that, otw He wouldn’t have given you the baby, plz check your family tree, on your side and on your hubby’s side pray for the same and break every altar in Jesus name..!

Rosebel Gathigia Githaiga Sorry for the loss but I wld advice you find a phycologists so that u will not end up into depression

Emprezz Shiro Stephen’s Omg, yes God really love you. Don’t give up now, it’s the 11th hour he will surely make a way for you, just keep on praising him and trusting in him


Mercy Makena God loves you big my sister what you have to do is to give tyth and tell God enough is enough hayo ni maduabau ya shetani na unaitajika huibomoe my sister have faith in you and trust God never give up

Emily Rhoda Yes he loves you. He is not the cause of the pain. That’s why he sent Jesus Christ to pay all debts for us.

Thisgal Mideva Yes dear God loves you so much can’t you see even though you are going through tough times but you are still alive you are not barren sweetheart you should be happy and losing a child it’s more than painful but trust me God has something great in store for you he works miracles in a,way that we can’t explain and that miracle is going to come to you when the right time comes honey never blame God for anything whether good or bad just go down on your knees and keep thanking him call him sweet names , for he is watching over you , may God rescue you from the nightmare you might think you are going through but just to remind you God loves you so much

Tebogo Mavuso  yes gal, God loves you a lot, i came to understand dat its nt de ryt time, he will bless u some day,, jst keep on praying n hv faith in him.

Violet Boge He loves you soo much..He knows why..just hold on and keep trusting in Him.

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