“He abandoned me while I was pregnant” Woman shares her marriage woes

Woman recognized as Agnes(not her real name) is grateful to have her husband back after he had married another woman and varnished from their rental house in Nairobi or about three years. This, according to the wife happened while she was pregnant with their third born. She had no job and her husband started treating her in a bad way. She said her husband head been cheating on her with different women but she never imagined he would marry and abandon her. She once confronted her husband when she found out she had set his eyes on other women but he promised to amend his crooked ways.

Her husband informed her that he was traveling to upcountry to visit his ailing mother but never returned and he did not hour the alleged trip. His phone was out of reach for two days. She made frantic efforts to reach him but all was in vain. Her mother-in-law said she had not seen her husband nor hear from him. Unknown to her, her husband was kicking it with his side chick who was planning to marry. She contacted Dr Mugwenu for intervention. The native doctor after she inquired of his spirits discovered that she was under generation curse o bad luck.

She was given incense that she was to burn in her house while calling her husband’s name. Dr Mugwenu also offered her some love spells. He told her that he exercises doctor-patient confidentiality and neither her records,files nor identity would be shared to a third party nor made public unless on her own volition if she decided to give a testimony. Few days later her husband recalled her back in their marriage as he has ended the illegitimate relationship with the other woman.

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