Empower Your Career: Attract Opportunities with Charms

Are you looking for a job or a career change? And Do you feel like you need some extra luck and support in your job search?

If this is your situation, then you might be interested in learning about charms for looking for jobs.

These are objects, symbols,or sometimes rituals that can help you attract career opportunities.

In this article, we will explore what charms are, how they work, and how you can use them to improve your chances of finding your dream job.

Also, in this edition, we share some tips on creating your own luck in the job search and how you can support someone looking for a job.

What are charms and how do they work?

Charms can be anything from jewellery, coins, stones, plants, animals, or symbols, according to Feng Chui.

Some charms are associated with specific cultures, religions, or traditions, while others are universal and personal.

How can feng shui help you attract career luck?

According to National Geographic, Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art and science dealing with energy flow in the environment.

If you are looking for your first job or seeking greener pastures, here are some feng shui tips and lucky charms that can help you boost your luck


6 Good Luck Charms That Can Help You Get a Job Fast

These things will make you feel good, happy, and confident, and can also make other people like and want to employ you.

  • Horseshoe: This looks like a U shape and is made of metal. It is a thing that horses wear on their feet. It makes you lucky and protected, especially if you hang it over a door or a wall. It can also keep away bad luck and bring you good things.
  • Evil eye bracelet: You can wear it on your wrist. It is has a picture of an eye on it. When you wear it, other people will not be jealous or mean to you. It can also make you look good and cool.
  • Lucky Wu Lou: It looks like a bottle or a gourd and traces its origin to China. It has the power to make you healthy and wealthy, and can also make your life better and longer. Also, it can make you smart and wise.
  • Four-leaf clover: This is a thing that looks like a green plant with four leaves. Though hard to find, it brings massive luck with it, according to Country Living.
  • Lucky Chinese coins: They look like round metal coins with holes in the middle. They attract wealth and can make you rich and lucky, and can also improve your chances to get a good job.
  • The lucky jade plant: This ornament looks like a green plant with round leaves. It also traces its roots in China. Has the power to make you grow, have more money, and be lucky.

7 things to use alongside Charms for Looking for Jobs

These things are also called career things, work things, job things, or powerful things for work.

  • Wind chimes: They make nice sounds when the wind blows. They can make you feel calm and focused when you study or work.
  • Dreamcatcher: This is a thing that looks like a circle with strings and feathers. You can hang it above your bed or your desk. It can make your dreams come true and keep away bad luck.
  • Laughing Buddha: This is a representation of a happy Buddha. He can make you happy, healthy, and prosperous. He can also make you follow your dreams and do what you love.
  • Money wealth bowl: It looks like a bowl with money and other things that mean much money. It can make you have more money and chances to get a good job. It can also make your future better and safer.
  • Three-legged Frog: It can make you lucky, rich, and successful. It can also help you solve problems and challenges in your career.
  • Lucky Money tree: This looks like a plant with green leaves resembling coins. It can make you grow, have more money, and be lucky.
  • Working compass charm: It shows you which way is north, south, east, and west. It can help you put your lucky things in the right place and make them work better. It can also help you find your way and what you want to do.

Job search Charm

How can you create your own luck in the job search?

While charms and feng shui can help you attract career luck, they are not enough to guarantee success. You also need to take action and create your own luck in the job search, by improving your skills and strategies. Here are some tips and techniques that can help you find your dream job:

  • Networking: According to Top Resume, Networking is one of the most effective ways to find a job. Dont just sit and wait. Networking can help you access the hidden job market, get referrals, and build relationships. You can network online and offline by using social media, online forums, and other platforms to connect with people who share your interests, values, or goals. You can also network offline, by attending events, workshops, seminars and conferences, where you can meet potential employers, mentors, or peers. When you network, make sure to be genuine, respectful, and helpful, and avoid being pushy and spammy. You can also follow up with your contacts, by sending thank-you notes, to strengthen your connections.


  • Clarify your ideal job and company: Before you start your job search, you need to have a clear vision of what kind of job and company you want to work for. You can use a journal, a vision board, or a mind map, to write down your preferences, goals, and values. You can also research the industry, the market, and the trends, to find out what opportunities and challenges are on offer. By clarifying your ideal job and company, you can narrow down your options and focus on the ones that match your standards.


  • Use keywords on your CV and online profile: Keywords are words or phrases that describe your skills, qualifications, and achievements, and they are also what employers and recruiters use to find and screen candidates. You can use keywords on your resume and online profile, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, to optimise your visibility and relevance. You can find keywords by looking at job descriptions, industry publications, and online tools, such as Google Trends or Keyword Planner. You can also use synonyms, variations, and acronyms, to increase your chances of being found.
  • Following up is another important step in the job search, as it can show your interest, enthusiasm, and professionalism. You can follow up with employers, by sending a thank-you email, a phone call, or a message, after applying for a job, having an interview, or receiving an offer. When you follow up, make sure to be polite, concise, and timely, and avoid being annoying, desperate, or rude.
  • Use lucky rituals: They can be anything from wearing a lucky color, carrying a lucky charm, or repeating a positive affirmation. You can use lucky rituals before, during, or after your job search, to enhance your performance and outcomes, according to Masiello Employment’s Guide.

How will I know charms for looking for job are working?

Many people find charms to be a helpful source of encouragement and positivity during their search. If you’re considering using charms, here are some signs that they could be working for you.

Boosted Confidence and Optimism: You feel more confident about your abilities and have a clearer vision of your career goals.

Increased Opportunities: You notice more relevant job openings and encounter more people who can help you in your job hunting.

Positive Feedback: You receive more positive responses from potential employers and recruiters, indicating that your applications are making a good impression.

Overcoming Challenges: You find yourself better equipped to handle setbacks and obstacles, maintaining a positive attitude throughout the job search process.

Gratitude and Joy: You experience a greater sense of gratitude for your accomplishments and share your happiness with others.


Note: Remember, charms are not a magic bullet for job success. They work best when combined with practical efforts like crafting a strong resume, actively applying job openings, preparing for interviews, and following up with potential employers.


How can you use charms for looking for jobs effectively and safely?

To effectively and safely use job-hunting charms, consider these rules:

  1. Personalize Your Charms: Choose charms that resonate with you, whether they align with your culture and beliefs. Seek recommendations from trusted experts like Mugwenu Doctors on +254740637248, or create your own charms using meaningful materials.
  2. Complement, Not Replace: Charms enhance your job search efforts, not replace them. While they can boost your energy and mindset, they don’t guarantee success. Continue to refine your skills, apply for numerous openings, and prepare for interviews.
  3. Moderate Usage and Balance: Use charms in moderation and integrate them into your life comfortably. Avoid overusing or relying on them to much. Balance their use with other job search strategies and activities.
  4. Safety, Legality, and Ethics: Prioritize charms that are safe, legal, and ethically sound. Avoid charms that could cause harm or violate ethical principles. Be mindful of potential scams and purchase charms from reputable sources like Mugwenu Doctors who have over 25 years of experience.
  5. Protect and Respect Your Charms: Treat your charms with care to prevent damage, loss, or theft. Keep them clean and well-maintained. Always remember to use charms in a respectful and considerate way of others.

What are the benefits of using charms for looking for jobs?

  • Charms make you feel more confident, optimistic, and motivated in your job hunting and help you focus on your goals and values.
  • Job hunting charms attract positive energy, luck, and opportunities in your career path. They can help you get into the hidden job market, get referrals, and build strong relationships.
  • They can help you overcome obstacles and challenges in your job pursuit.


Navigating the job search can be a daunting task, but it also presents an opportunity for growth and also fulfillment.

Charms like feng shui practices, lucky rituals, or symbolic objects can serve as a source of encouragement and positive energy, but true career success lies in self-improvement, strategic planning, and proactive efforts.

You can take control of your job search by sharpening your skills, honing your search strategies, cultivating a positive mindset, and consistently taking action and following up on opportunities.

If you know someone who is on the path of looking for a job, please extend your

support by assisting with their resume, sharing relevant leads, providing simulated interview practice, celebrating their milestones, and fostering their confidence with empathy, respect, and optimism.

We hope this article has provided valuable insights and practical tips to enhance your career prospects and pave the way for success.

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