Brand Experience and Activation Leader Job Opportunities At Tatu City

Tatu City management are offering job opportunities and have advertised a open position of an experienced Brand Experience and Activation Leader to join the Marketing & Communications team to promote Tatu City brands at events and across physical and digital real estate.

To apply, applicants have been asked to submit their updated resume to and indicate ‘Brand Experience & Activation Leader’ in the subject line by 8 June 2024

The requirements for this job opportunity include;


-Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration, Media Studies or other related fields.

-At least 6 years’ experience in marketing, event management, brand activation.

-Demonstrated ability to generate new sales leads through effective customer experiences and brand activations at events, conferences, and shopping centers.

-Skill in managing events teams including marketing associates, brand champions, suppliers, ground workers, including recruitment, training, management and evaluation.

-Experience in managing event sponsorship and organizing participation in conferences to enhance brand visibility and lead generation.

-Ability to manage and activate a catalogue of merchandise, including roll-ups, teardrops, brochures, leaflets, etc.

-Experience in managing a brand activation budget, ensuring cost-effectiveness and maximum ROI.

-Experience in researching and planning participation in relevant industry events to promote sales and boost brand awareness.

-Strong networking skills to build relationships with industry contacts, event organizers, and relevant stakeholders.

-Strong communication skills to coordinate with internal teams, external partners, and vendors.


-Among the responsibilities one will have is to manage their catalogue of brand assets and use them effectively to design brand experiences that influence the buying decisions of key stakeholders.

-They will also be required to work closely with the Events & Sustainability Manager and Group Head of Marketing & Communications to coordinate event sponsorship and conference participation.

-Work with suppliers to lead the design and procurement of new branding assets, stands, backdrops and other branded event infrastructure as required.

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