Best Places to buy home Decors in Kisumu

Best Places to buy home Decors in Kisumu: Kisumu is a hub of quality home decors, the town offers a great opportunity to the people who want to use their creativity in house decorations. It also provides specialists and engineers who have great ideas and skills concerning designing and home decors for bedrooms.

This means that for your house to be well decorated you need to hire various people with the required skills in this field, you can also consult the specialists and beautify your home by yourself. In this article, we shall be looking at the best places to buy home decors in Kisumu. When buying decorations is important to compare prices since it will help you in decision making.

Best Places to buy Home Decors in Kisumu

  1. Kisumu House of Lighting and Decor
  2. Entice Decor Kisumu
  3. Home Living Kisumu
  4. Jaylows Home Decors and Kitchen Wares
  5. TACC Kisumu


The following is a list of various places and shops where you can buy decorations

Best Places to buy home Decors in Kisumu
  1. Kisumu House of Lighting and Decor

Kisumu house of lighting and decor is a leading provider of lighting and home decor solutions. They sell a wide range of products that can make your home look smart, some of the products include; granite, chandelier, kitchen tops, ceiling lights, and curtain rails.

Phone number: 0722997281

Location: Obote Road.

  1. Entice Decor Kisumu

Entice Decor Kisumu specialized in quality, smart, and durable bespoke furniture including interior design decors and accessories. Get a grey roll arm sofa with matching throw pillows at Ksh 50,000, and a chesterfield sofa at Ksh 45,000 among other products

Phone number: 0700400209

Location: Molem,

  1. Home Living Kisumu

Home Living Kisumu sells all attractive households. All furniture and fixtures are found here. Their showroom is located at Obote road, a walking distance from united Miller on your way to the Kisumu airport. In-home decorations, they offer ceramics and decors, sanitary ware, power tools, paints, and locks, among other decorations.

Phone number: 0712971691

  1. Jaylows Home Decors and Kitchen Wares

The shop is located at Omollo, it offers both kitchen wares and home homes decors. The shop is operating from 8 am to 7 pm every day.

5. TACC Kisumu

TACC Kisumu is offering different tiles. They also specialized in interior furniture, outdoor furniture, and seat drapery. They also offer designers and special people who can help you in coloring your home, The TACC road is located at Obote road nest to chloride Exide operating from 8 am to 5 pm daily.

Phone number: 0709657015


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