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Are you finding it hard to get out of bed after your alarm goes off? This is what you should do.

The alarm clock has for time been used by individuals to get them out of bed in time to prepare for our daily activity. However, the purpose its meant to serve has always been ignored as many find it hard to respond and get to out of bed even after the alarm has gone off.

It is surprising that the very tool meant to alert you and wake you, drastically sounds noisy and nuisance when it rings. Many have derived ways to make the alarm less destructive and extend their sleeping time.

The little alarm clock has also suffered a lot in the hands of those who feel destructed from their slumber, yet they are the same people that set it. The little device has mercilessly been hit and thrown against the wall and crashed by sleepy individuals halting its very purpose it was meant to serve. The alarm clock has always been accused of causing disturbance.

The good news is that most people nowdays use their phones to set the alarm and in as much as the early morning alarm sound distract them from their sweet dreams, they cannot crush their phones or throw them against the wall to stop the annoying alarm considering phones are expensive and delicate.

Many resort to snoozing their alarms however, snoozing your alarm does not solve the problem it only postpones it. In 5 or so minutes it will be up ringing on top of your ears.

So how do you solve the problem of waking up when the alarm rings?

Here is the best approach you can use.

Stop using the alarm to get awake

You see, I was once hooked to alarm clock to wake me up, but whenever the alarm goes off I would immediately stretch my hand and deny the beautiful soothing alarm tune the opportunity to sing to my ears. I would then pull up my blanket properly and say, “Let we sleep for just 5 minutes then I will wake up” But the 5 minutes would usually turn to 30min or even one hour before I wake up in a hurry and late for work.

I realized making the decision to wake up on time should not entirely be determined by the alarm but by being disciplined. I decided to stop relaying on the alarm to get up. Ever since then I have trained myself to get enough sleep and wake up sober and fresh every morning to start a new day. Right now I know you are wondering how I achieved that. You see, the secret for me was not in the time to wake up but rather the time I went to bed.

Naturally our bodies are used to sleeping for a certain amount of hours before we can lose our sleep. By going to bed early I would give my body enough time to rest. Waking up was no longer a problem as I would get out of the bed active on time to prepare in time to go to work.

You see, its just like a baby, whenever a baby is distracted from her sleep, she would eventually wake up wailing. But should the baby sleep un distracted they will wake up quiet and fresh. The discomfort that distracts the baby to wake up makes the baby wake up with heavy and sleepy eyes. This irritates the baby making her cry.

So instead of suffocating your alarm daily because it distracts you from the sweet sleep, just go to bed early. With time you will learn to manage the average hours you spent sleeping to help you adjust your bed times better.

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