A chips vendor lady narrates her business journey to building her mum a mansion

Miriam from Naivasha Nakuru County made a lot of people to really wonder how a mere chips vending business would make someone built their mansion and at the same time built their mother a lovely home. As she narrated, she was going through a difficult journey since the business was not just friendly as people expected.

Miriam a single mother of two had been living a lonely life after her husband had died and so she turned to vending hips at least to meet her children daily needs.

She opted for the business as she had seen a gap in her area of business. Through the help of Dr Mugwenu a business spell caster, she was able to get a lot of customers to her business and each particular time her business kept on growing as days went by.

As she narrated the story on a radio station a lot of people never believed his words where one of the journalists had to visit Dr Mugwenu to clarify the news. As she narrated her most difficulty in doing the business was that she most of the times lacked a lot of customers but after meeting Dr Mugwenu things seemed to be going the right way as she would sell a maximum profit of ksh 20,000 a day from her little chips centre.

Customers flooding In her business meant there was need to expend the business as demand of the chips went high. With not time she had saved close to 2 million shillings where she built herself a beautiful home and at the same time built her mum a home as well. As time went by she was not doing the chips job as she employed people to run it. She was a manager of the premise.

The radio station posted the story on their face book platforms which really exited netizens. Some never believed the story as Miriam was pictured at her home where some of the conversation was taking place.

She advised people with business ideas to seek help from Dr Mugwenu as this business spell caster has now changed her life from being just an ordinary person to a more respected person in the society keeping in mind she was a single month.

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