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20 Best Edtech Companies in Kenya

Edtech (education technology) is a growing industry, and it’s one that offers opportunities to people of all ages and backgrounds. From teaching to programming, there’s a job for you in Edtech! Kenya is a hub of many Edtech companies that are changing the face of the country. This companies are mostly found in Nairobi and various towns of Kenya and great hubs for learning using technology as well us providing employment opportunities.

There are many different types of Edtech jobs available. For example, if you have a passion for education and creating new ways to learn, then you might want to consider becoming an Edtech teacher. If you love technology or programming, then becoming an Edtech engineer might be the right fit for you! There are also plenty of opportunities for those who enjoy working with children or teenagers as well.

Top 20 20 Best Edtech Companies in Kenya

No matter what type of job you’re looking for, there is an opportunity waiting for you in Edtech!

  1. BusyDroid

BusyDroid is an Edtech company based in Nairobi Kenya. They have a mission to make sure all students have access to quality education, regardless of where they live or what circumstances they find themselves in.

They offer a range of solutions for teachers, students, and administrators. BusyDroid apps help teachers track student performance, stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends in education, and easily share resources with their colleagues. They have a student apps that help students organize their study sessions, access digital textbooks and other learning materials, and collaborate with classmates.

  1. M-Shule

M-Shule is an edtech company in Kenya that helps teachers and students connect via a cloud-based platform. Their goal is to provide quality education to everyone, regardless of location or access to resources. They help teachers by providing them with the tools they need to deliver quality lessons—from lesson plans and assessments to training on how to use technology in class. They also offer students the opportunity to access their content online at any time, anywhere.

M-Shule strives for transparency in all areas of their business, from finances to student data. The company does not allow any third parties access to student data without specific consent from parents or guardians. They also have a strong focus on environmental sustainability—they are committed to using sustainable energy sources and minimizing waste throughout their operations.

  1. Juku Edtech

Juku Edtech is a Kenya-based company that provides students with the tools to help them succeed in school. they believe that every student deserves a quality education, and work hard to make sure that happens.

They offer an online platform where teachers can post their lessons and students can interact with each other, share resources, and learn from one another. Their goal is to provide students with the tools they need to excel in school.

  1. eLimu

eLimu Edtech is a company based in Kenya that focuses on providing education to students from low-income families. The company’s main product is an online learning platform that helps students learn English, Math, and Science through a gamified system.

Through exciting games and simulations, elimu kids explore, co-create and learn how to read and write

eLimu Edtech has been able to provide over 10 million hours of lessons to its users since its founding in 2018, and they expect this number to continue growing over time!

eLimu have a good E-Learning platform that provides educators and students the opportunity to interact with each other.

  1. EduTech Africa

EduTech Africa is a Kenya-based edtech company that provides solutions for schools across the continent. They work with teachers, parents, and students to improve education in the developing world by empowering educators with the tools they need to deliver high quality learning experiences.

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They have an e-learning platform that provides affordable, accessible, and quality education to students in Kenya. They have a team of passionate people who believe in the power of technology to transform the lives of young people.

  1. mLab East Africa

mLab East Africa is a cloud computing and data warehousing service provider that specializes in big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence solutions. mLab East Africa is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya with offices in Kampala, Uganda and Johannesburg, South Africa.

mLab East Africa is committed to providing African businesses with the tools they need to succeed in the digital age. They do this by providing high-quality software solutions like cloud computing and data warehousing services that are affordable to everyone.

mLab East Africa also aims to help students and teachers in Kenya by providing them with online learning materials. The company has already helped thousands of students across the country, and it will continue to do so as long as there are people who need help.

  1. Edulabz East Africa

Edulabz East Africa is a virtual academy that aims to make learning accessible, affordable and convenient for the people of Kenya. The academy offers free online courses through its website where students can learn anything from computer programming to English language. The academy also has a network of schools that offer offline classes and tutoring services in addition to the online offerings.

They are a leading educational institution in Kenya. We offer courses that are designed to equip learners with the skills they need to succeed in the modern world.

Our courses include:


-Computer Science

-Business Studies



-History of Kenya

-Kenya’s Constitution

  1. Edulution Kenya

Edulution Kenya is a nonprofit organization that works to increase the number of children in Kenya who can read and write. The organization provides free tutoring, teaching materials, and more to help students improve their literacy skills. The organization’s goal is for every child in Kenya to have access to these services so that they can be successful in school and beyond.

The organization was founded by Dr. Olweny Nyamile, who was inspired by her own experience as a child growing up in Kenya. She was unable to attend school because her parents could not afford it, but she still wanted an education. By founding Edulution Kenya, Dr. Nyamile hopes to help other children who want an education but cannot afford one or do not have access to one.

  1. Nairobits Trust

Nairobits Trust is the leading edtech firm in Kenya. They are dedicated to delivering high-quality education through technology. They believe that technology has the power to change lives, and are committed to helping you realize your potential and achieve your goals.

They specialize in solutions for both individual learners and institutions, including:

-Learning Management Systems (LMS)

-Digital textbooks

-Video lectures

-Data analytics

  1. Kytabu

Kytabu is an edtech company that provides a platform to help teachers and students learn. It is a tool that allows teachers to create custom lesson plans and share them with their students, while also providing students with the ability to complete assignments and receive feedback from their teachers.

Kytabu is a new way to learn about the world around you. Whether you’re exploring a new country or trying to figure out what’s for dinner, Kytabu helps you learn by playing games that are fun and engaging.

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With Kytabu, there are no boring textbooks or lectures—just learning that’s fun and exciting!

  1. Mosabi

Mosabi is a platform that provides education on every level, from kindergarten to college. It’s not just a place to go for your classes—it’s a community. Mosabi is the best way to get involved in the world of education, whether you’re looking for something casual or something more serious.

Mosabi makes it easy to find classes or activities that interest you, and you can even add them straight to your calendar so you don’t miss a thing! They have everything from science clubs to cooking classes, so there’s always something new around the corner. You can even use Mosabi to meet new people who are interested in similar things as you!

Mosabi has been around since 2016 and has grown into one of the most popular edtech platforms on the internet today. They’re always working hard to improve their services so they can provide students with better opportunities and experiences than ever before.

  1. Arifu

Arifu is a cloud-based platform that helps teachers and students to build, share and use their class resources. It is a free, open source web application for creating educational websites in a simple way.

Arifu makes it easy to works and improve education by making it easier for teachers to create and share lesson plans.

  1. Ubongo Kids

Ubongo Kids is an edtech company that makes learning games for children. They are passionate about helping kids learn and grow through interactive play. Our games are designed to build language, math, social skills, and more.

All you need to do is download the app, create an account for your child, and then let them play!

It also helps them develop skills like critical thinking and problem-solving, as they have to solve puzzles in order to move on to the next level. The game is designed for kids ages 4-7 and comes with a storybook that introduces the characters in the game.

Bongo a team of educators, designers and programmers who believe that technology can be used to make education more engaging and fun for kids.

  1. Funke Science

Funke Science is a science software company that builds fun and engaging learning experiences for kids. Their goal is to help kids develop their STEM skills in a way that’s meaningful, memorable, and fun.

Funke Science is a fun, engaging, and easy-to-use way to learn science. The program was created by two sisters who were frustrated with the lack of resources available for teaching themselves chemistry in high school.

The Funke Science platform is designed to accommodate students of all ages and levels of experience. It offers a variety of methods for learning and practicing chemistry, including:

– Interactive videos that provide step-by-step instructions for performing experiments

– Videos that provide information about chemicals, atoms, and other key concepts in chemistry

– Quizzes that allow users to test their knowledge

  1. Endless Solutions

Endless Solutions is on a mission to provide you with the tools you need to succeed in your educational endeavors. They understand that finding the right materials for your classroom can be difficult, and we want to give you access to the best possible resources. Whether it’s a lesson plan you’re looking for, or a new way of teaching your students, they have something for everyone.

  1. GoKada

GoKada is an Edtech company that aims to make learning more fun, engaging and accessible by providing a platform for educators to create their own customized learning content.

GoKada is a cloud-based tool that works with any computer or smartphone, and allows teachers to create their own digital lessons quickly and easily. The platform also provides access to an online marketplace where teachers can purchase and download ready-made lesson plans, including activities, quizzes, games and more.

  1. Extraskool

Extraskool is a new way of teaching in Kenya. It’s a learning platform that helps you understand the concepts more easily and quickly. The reason why this method is so effective is because it combines different learning methods together.

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Extraskool uses videos, games, quizzes and much more to help you learn each subject. It will also provide you with additional materials like textbooks or articles that you can use to study on your own time.

Extraskool is an online learning platform that provides courses and practice tests for students preparing for educational exams. The courses are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, with interactive features that help students learn at their own pace.

  1. PrepClass

PrepClass is a learning platform that empowers students to take control of their education in Kenya. PrepClass helps students find and create personalized study plans, track their progress, and improve their grades.

PrepClass is a free, interactive classroom experience that prepares you for your next test.

PrepClass offers over 50,000 video lessons and study guides on topics ranging from math, science, social studies, English and more.

The videos are all hosted by real teachers who explain concepts in a way that’s easy to understand.

You can also ask questions of the teacher through the platform or even schedule a live tutoring session!

  1. STEM Impact Kenya

STEM Impact Center Kenya is a school that uses robotics as a tool to teach students about the STEM fields.

The goal of the center is to provide students with an opportunity to learn more about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through hands-on experiences. The center is designed for students from 5th grade through 12th grade.

Students will work on projects that are tailored to their age group and ability level. Each project will be designed so that it builds upon previous knowledge gained from previous projects or classes at the school. It is expected that most students will spend between two weeks and six weeks working on their project.

  1. Learn IT

Learn IT is an edtech company provides tech-enabled education solutions to students, teachers, and parents. They help our clients increase their knowledge of technology by providing them with software that will help them to learn more about the subject. Their products include:

* A web-based platform where students can access lessons on a variety of subjects

* A mobile app that allows users to take quizzes on the go

* A tablet application that offers lesson plans and real-world projects

Final Thought

While Edtech has certainly made great strides in Kenya, there are still many challenges to overcome. Most notably, the infrastructure in the country has not grown appropriately to support this technology yet, and it remains difficult—but not impossible—to access information online as a result.The companies are mostly concentrated in Nairobi and there is need to have more set up branches in towns such us Nakuru, Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisumu and many more.

That being said, it is undeniable that Edtech has already improved the lives of countless Kenyans in a very short amount of time. We can only hope that the government and other organizations will be able to provide the necessary support to keep it growing.

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