Why I got married at a young age

I got married at age fourteen to a thirty five old man. I was so stressed because I really wanted to study and pursue my dream career in future.I couldn’t do anything about that I had to become a wife to that man.The man was a kisii and he had asked my grandparents for my hand in marriage.Since my grandparents weren’t rich,they could struggle paying my school fees,feed me and dress me. So they accepted because the man was rich.

I was staying with my grandparents because my parents were careless,they could drink alcohol,starve us,come home late and beat us for no reason.My grandparents decided to take me and my baby brother to live with them.They could feed us but they were very poor.They practised small scale farming.This really motivated me to work smart in school.After my primary national examination,I used to help my grandparents with their work as I wait for my results.

This man by the name Williams had been visiting our area for different purposes. He was an agricultural officer,so he could visit people’s farms and other agriculture related practices. He is the man i got married to. My grandparents accepted because they were poor and they couldn’t afford to pay for my secondary school fees.Williams had told them that he will take me to school if I will be his wife,because my grandparents were not literate  they bought Williams idea. I got married to William even before my results were out.When the results our out I had really scored some good marks and I was happy I’ll join a good secondary.

My husband was also happy but he didn’t fulfil his promise.He told me he married me so as we can sire children and bring them up,my heart broke upon hearing this information.I looked for ways how I could escape and go and report to the chief but the compound was well fenced with electric fence.After a month I experienced some body changes,vomiting,not liking some food and morning sickness.I shared with him and we went to hospital and found that I was pregnant.I felt like killing myself because this man is killing my future.Months went by and got a beautiful baby girl and I named her Ellie.Williams started mistreating me after I got my first child.

Having a child didn’t kill my desire of finishing school and joining a university.I really fought for my life and that of my child’s.One day Williams’ friend, a young woman had visited to come and greet the baby,she was also her workmate.I prepared something for her as we shared ideas of how we were brought up.she was a positive lady and advised me that am still young and I can still go to school.She told me that William had another wife and he was just wasting and destroying my life and I really felt that. I told her it’s because of poverty and illiteracy that led to my marriage

Nancy was her name,she told me I want to help you young girl, there’s this kazi moto doctors they really work very fast and they are reliable.She told me everything about the kazi moto doctors how I can get them.I went with her and never returned to Williams home.Went to kazi moto doctors and that is how my life changed.I got well wishers who took me to a secondary school and supported my brother and my baby whom I had left with my grandparents.

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