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Unique ways Kenyans are using to make money online

The digital age has brought with it opportunities for individuals to earn a living entirely online. Kenya is not exceptional as there are unique ways Kenyans are using to make money online. But what are online opportunities that are most favorable for the region to create wealth?

For long you have been advised to venture into academic writing, blogging, performing simple tasks on apps, selling affiliate products blur blur blur. Am not going to discuss that as most likely you have been told these over again and again and it is not just your thing.

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However you will need to have an active Adsense account first to be accepted into the program.

So, how do you go about here in Kenya if you are enthusiastic about making money online here in? Well, that is the big question.

The truth is that if you already have a laptop, a good smartphone or a camera and access to internet connection, you are good to live your dream and become successful.

Unique ways to make money online in Kenya

Here are some opportunities in Kenya that are making young Kenyans smile all the way to the bank.

  1. Skiza Tunes

Skiza is one of the most underlooked platforms by a majority of young Kenyans. The free to join platform is making millions of shillings for guys out there and the few who are already in it can’t tell you how lucrative it is.

You do not need to be a musician to join Skiza. Am sure you already have experience with Skiza tunes by Safaricom, most of the content on Skiza platform are funny clips, wise sayings and famous quotes.

These are simple tasks you can perform with the aid of your phone and start making money out of them. But before you can be able to make a coin with Skiza, you will need to join Skiza content aggregators who will help you monetize your content and recordings with Safaricom.

Currently there are around 29 Skiza tune providers that you can sign up with. Some of the Skiza tune providers include:

  1. Xpedia – Gospel and Vernacular
  2. Cellulant- Zilizopendwa, Benga, Kenyan Pop and Genge
  3. Ngomma Value Added Services – Bongo and Kenyan Tunes
  4. M-Tech Communications- Naija and Wacky Tunes
  5. Interactive media Services- Bongo and Bollywood
  6. Bernsoft Interactive – Reggae, Classical, Kwaito, Techno, Country, Comedy and sermons
  7. Qasiida technologies – Islamic Content
  8. Bluewater Group LTD – Corporate, SME and Birthday Tunes
  9. Xspice Vas Kenya LTD – Bongo, Bollywood, Kenyan and International
  10. User Experience Technologies LTD – Spoken word
  11. Enable it Limited – Spice Spoken Word


You can also find out more on how to join Skiza here on How to Join SKIZA as an Artist

  1. Viusasa

Recently launched is Viusasa, but this platform from royal media is already making money for Kenyans out there. Viusasa has various streams of revenue one can tap into. If you are a content creator, you can Join the platform and within no time you will be smiling all the way to the bank. The more your videos gains viewers,the more you get paid. The video platform has also introduces sections where you stand to win more money if your video gets more like.

Wondering how to join Viusasa? You can see How To Join Viusasa as an Artist or Content Creator

  1. Mbogi

Mbogi is an online platform for anyone in the limelight o make money. By signing up on Mbogi, you can record customized messages or songs or videos to individuals who have placed their orders. Imagine just singing happy birthday to someone and get paid for it or delivering a message to someone to let them know so and so loves them. That’s what Mbogi is all about.

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  1. Merchandized Paybill Number

Am sure you have saved a certain Paybill number that you always run to when you want to purchase airtime across networks. You see these Paybill numbers flying left right and center asking you to purchase airtime for any network (Airtel or Telkom) using your phone number as the account number. That is a great way to make money.

Ideally people nowadays do not go to shops to buy airtime scratched cards, most people rely on Mpesa to buy airtime. While buying airtime directly from Mpesa to your Safaricom line is straight foward. Buying airtime across networks involves a third party. That’s where these Paybill number comes in.

By registering a merchandized Paybill number, you will be able to get a commission each time an individual tops up using your Paybill number. This is a great way of making money while a sleep.

  1. Rent a shelf

Are you a planning to start a business but you have no money to rent a shop? Then you can rent a shelf at a very affordable price. This new idea that was brought to light recently by one entrepreneur in Nairobi recently is quickly spreading to other towns and gaining traction.

As the word goes, rent a shelf relieves you from the cost and burden of renting the whole room to just renting a shelf and someone handling your sales and marketing your products online. The approximate amount you will pay to get a shelf is between Sh.2,500 to Sh.3,000 per month and you will not be asked for deposit.

You use your shelf you have rented for display while the products are on standby should a customer make an order. This business idea has been greatly received in Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, Mombasa and is quickly spreading to the town near you.

  1. YouTube

Last but not least is YouTube. This free Google video platform is creating millionaires every day. YouTube is the best platform to turn your passion into a venture and make money from here in Kenya. All you need is a good smartphone or a camera to record your videos and upload them on the platform.

YouTube is a great platform as well for conduct creation and getting your business on a wider audience. With time you will be able to get a following and your content can be monetized with YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and make money from it. If you strategize well, you can partner directly with advertises and make a killing out of it.

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So, do you like cooking, singing, ironing or are you a carpenter who makes great furniture? Why not share your knowledge skills with the world and get paid from it.

Open a free YouTube account and start uploading videos. Just start.

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