Top Web Hosting Companies in Kenya

Setting up a website requires a reliable web hosting company. There are so may web hosting companies but among these companies you have to determine the best web hosting company before you can pay for the hosting package.

Before you decide on which web hosting company you want to join factors such as hosting fee, Terms and conditions, disk space down time and Technical support should be carefully looked into.

There are various web hosting companies in Kenya that provide web hosting from as low as 1,500 for a starter package while at the same time delivering quality services. Below is a list of best web hosting companies in Kenya that you can consider.

1. Kenya Web Experts

Kenya Web Expers Kenya Website Experts  Company is a host to over 40,000 websites. Their reputation ranks them among the best web hosting service providers not only in Kenya but in Africa as well and beyond. They have been tested and their services are excellent. They have a good support system and are suitable for both small and big businesses. They are hosts to major brands and organizations in Kenya and beyond. Their hosting packages starts from Ksh.499.

You can join Kenya web Experts by signing up here.

2. Host Pinnacle

Host pinnacle provide services that are beyond imagination. They have fully compact packages that will give you all that you need for a great website and what is more interesting is their prices.

From as low as Ksh. 1500, you get to enjoy 35GB of SSD storage space. They have a robust support system working around the clock to support you. They offer you free domain and your site data is secured on the RAID arrays storage on their servers making sure your data is never lost.

3. Bitsimba

If you need a web Hosting partner that you can trust, then Bitsimba Telecommunication limited is a company you can trust. Their fees is genuine with a startup of Ksh.1500 and there is no hidden Charges. With Bitsimba you get a free domain and your site will run out the SSD storage space they provide. There servers are located in different physical areas ensuring your site does not go down. You can start up with Bitsimba by signing up here.

4. Mambo .co.ke

They are among the best in the country. Mambo Microsystems Limited is a Kenyan Web Hosting company. They offer a variety of services among them Shared reseller, dedicated, VPS and Cloud Hosting as well as Wed design SSL Certificates and Custom Application Development. There servers are optimized for word press hosting and their hosting plans comes with free site builder.

Their support system is amazing as each hosted account created with them is assigned to an account manager who handles all inquiries and general support. With Mambo host you are assured that should you accidentally delete some of your files, they can be recovered thanks to their latest DELL servers technology. Their hosting plan begins from Ksh.3000

You can sign up with mambo host here

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5. Sasa Host

They offer both VPS and shared hosting environment. Therefore, there is no need to worry if you have outgrown a shared hosting environment. If you are starting up or you are a small business, startup Hosting package maybe a good option for you. They have various packages starting from Ksh. 6 000. You can sign up with Sasa Host here

6. Kenya Web

Kenya web have been around for over 20 years and have won several awards for their outstanding services

They offer services ranching from web design and development, connectivity services, applications, application bulk SMS and short codes, business connectivity among others. If your business is an eCommerce oriented, you will have the best partner in them. Their lowest web hosting package starts from Ksh.4,999.

You can sign up for their services here

7. True Host Kenya

True Host Kenya are known to host some of the big brands in Kenya and beyond. They are among a few web hosting companies that the best VPS servers in the country. They also have cloud servers globally dedicated. True Host Kenya are very much cost efficient and use SSD technology for storage thus less time to access data. They also support the latest Intel and AMD processors. You can sign up with true host here.

True host package starts from Ksh. 999. They have various packages you can choose from as well.

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Image Credit: Mambo-Web hosting
8. Host Poa

For as low as Ksh.995 you can build a website with Host Poa. They offer free .co.ke domain and you get to benefit from 24 hours support service from their team. Beginners can even sign up for free and start enjoying their services. You can sign up with Host Poa here

9. Safaricom

Safaricom is the leading telecommunication Company in the region and recently it entered into Web Hosting market. Although I find the disk space they provide to be much low compared to other providers in the market, we hope to see an improvement in the future. You can sign up for Safaricom web Hosting services  here.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Company

  1. Joining and Renewal fee

The deal might look catchy and lucrative to lure you sign up with a Web Hosting partner. In as much as most web Hosting partner give what they promise, some have hidden fees that you realize while signing. Be sure that what is promised is what will be given and if there is any additional fee, you should know before signing up. It is also advisable to look at the terms of renewal once your initial package expires.

  1. Technical Support

Consider choosing a web Hosting partner that offers 24 hours support and you are assured that someone will be on the other end to support and attend to your technical need of your site whenever a need arises.

  1. Disk type and Space

With the current advanced technology most web hosts are adapting the use of SSD(Solid State Disk) over HDD(Hard Drive Disk) for storage. SSD storage keeps your site up and running faster over HDD. It should be noted the speed of your site is not primarily dependent on the use of SSD over HDD but a combination of other factors. Take not of the amount of space you will be allocated with the package you are buying. In most cases the type of host plan will determine the amount of space allocation. If you are just starting, the Starter package will be suitable for you as there is room for upgrading in future when your site outgrows the allocated space.

  1. Down Time

A site going down even for minutes can greatly affect your business. It is therefore necessary you choose a host partner who will provide high percentage of uptime. This makes sure your site is up and running.

  1. Backup Plan

You need a web hosting partner that will ensure you can recover your data after you lose it or accidentally delete on your site. Web hosts with the latest latest storage devises on their servers like the Dell RAID array, ensures that client’s data is protected from ever going offline due to failed hard drive.

  1. Terms and Conditions

Consider reading terms and conditions of Your Host Provider carefully to fully understand the commitments you are agreeing to before signing up. Signing up before reading terms and conditions is an assumption that you agree with them. Should you find a binding clause you do not agree to, it’s better to look for an alternative Web Host that will cater for your needs.

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