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Top 40 Best Niche for Bloggers

Are you an aspiring blogger and you are thing to start your own website but have no Idea which niche you should go for. Having done blogging for a number of years, I meet so many people who ask questions and the number one question from most beginners is on the best niche to start blogging on. In this article we take a look at some of the best niche to consider as a blogger.

A number of beginners are also much concerned on the best niche that will earn them most money.

Is there Money in Blogging?

Am sure you have read and been told severally that blogging is not a quick get rich scheme. You have to work your way out, build an audience even before you can be approved in some of the best monetization programs such as AdSense.

Writing great content is the key to getting traffic to your website, from my experience, Google cannot point visitors to a website with less quality content. With more visitors coming to your website, that is the only way to earn more.

Besides from the AdSense monetization program as your website grows you will be able to qualify and enroll to more paying ad networks such as Ezoic. You will also discover that you can use your websites to participate in affiliate marketing programs and even sell your own products and services directly.

Best Niche to Blog in

There are tons of niches that you can consider blogging in. many beginner bloggers find themselves torn in between several niches while may totally have no idea what to write about on their blogs.

The best way to get the best niche for you is to start by asking yourself concerning your interests and experiences. Consider blogging as a means of sharing your interests and knowledge with the world. Someone is searching or an idea or the information you have in your head and the only way to reach them is by putting it online.

There are quite a number of niches that you can consider blogging on. Below is a list of blogging niches you can consider starting a blog on.

The beauty is that you can combine related niches on your blog to cater for more people.

Top 40 Best Niche For Bloggers
  1. Arts and Crafts
  2. Astrology
  3. Automotive
  4. Beauty
  5. Business and Finance
  6. Careers
  7. Comics and Graphic Novels
  8. Computer Software and Applications
  9. Computing
  10. Consumer Electronics
  11. Data Storage and Warehousing
  12. Dating
  13. Education
  14. Entertainment
  15. Events and Attractions
  16. Fashion Trends
  17. Fine Art
  18. Food and Drink
  19. Healthy Living
  20. Home and Garden
  21. Humor
  22. Internet
  23. Lifestyle
  24. Medical Health
  25. Movies
  26. Music and Audio
  27. News
  28. Non-Standard Content
  29. Parenting
  30. Pets
  31. Politics
  32. Pop Culture
  33. Reading Online
  34. Relationships
  35. Science
  36. Shopping
  37. Sports
  38. Television
  39. Travel
  40. Video Gaming

From the above list choose wisely and hit the road. Almost every niche on the list has so many people looking for information. Be the provider of that information and if others are already doing it, do it the best way you know.

As you blog here are some of the content you should keep off as google prohibits anyone from publishing such content. Violation of these Google policy will mean that your website cannot participate in Google AdSense advertising program for publishers. You also risk getting your website removed from the ranking console on Googles algorithm list.

Google Prohibited Content
  1. Abortion
  2. Adult
  3. Drug paraphernalia
  4. Exploitation of minors
  5. Gross content
  6. Illegal gambling
  7. Illicit drugs
  8. Live cams
  9. Minors sexualizing
  10. Psychoactive substances
  11. Spy equipment
  12. Tobacco products
  13. Trafficking or Exploitation
  14. Weapons and explosives
When is the right time to start blogging?

Owh!! My friend you are years back, now everyone is a head of you haha.. just joking. Actually the best time to start blogging was yesterday, but because you have the opportunity to do it today start immediately. Bit by bit grow your audience, within no time you will be shocked to discover how much you have achieved. As a beginner you will have no traffic to your blog but sooner than later, viewers will start streaming to your website and you will be able to earn from this.

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