Top 30 Manufacturing Companies In Kenya

The manufacturing sector in Kenya is dominated by foreign companies, both multinationals and local subsidiaries of multinationals. This has been the case since the 1960s, when the Kenyan government encouraged foreign investment in the country’s manufacturing sector.

The manufacturing industry has played a key role in Kenya’s economic development. Manufacturing companies in Kenya are producing products such as textiles and apparel, foodstuffs, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, rubber products and plastics.

The manufacturing industry in Kenya has grown rapidly over the past two decades, with many new factories being built and existing ones expanding their operations. However, there are still some challenges facing this sector.

The main challenges facing manufacturers in Kenya include high production costs, lack of skilled labor, lack of financing and poor infrastructure.

In order to overcome these challenges, manufacturers should take advantage of the benefits offered by the Kenya Industrial Estates (KIE) Act which allows them to have their own factories within a secure environment.

The major products produced by manufacturing companies in Kenya include textiles, food processing, beverages, furniture and fixtures as well as metal products. The main export destinations for these products include Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa. The manufacturing industry in Kenya contributes about 15% to the country’s GDP.

Top 30 Manufacturing Companies In Kenya
  1. BIDCO Africa
  2. Chandaria Industries
  3. Haco Industries
  4. Menengai Oil Refineries
  5. Nampak Ltd
  6. Broadway Bakery
  7. Coca-Cola Kenya
  8. Menengai Oil Refineries
  9. Kenafric Industries
  10. Devki Group
  11. Propack Kenya Ltd
  12. Unga Group
  13. Bata Kenya
  14. East African Breweries Ltd
  15. Tononoka Steel
  16. Unga Group Limited
  17. Kapa Oil refineries
  18. Pwani Oil refineries limited
  19. Maisha Flour mills
  20. Haco Industries Ltd Kenya
  21. Sameer group
  22. Brookside dairy limited
  23. Premier food industries limited
  24. Crown paints limited
  25. Doshi group of companies
  26. Farmers choice
  27. Mabati rolling mills
  28. Pz Cussons East Africa
  29. Unilever
  30. Tarpo industries limited

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