Top 10 University and College Courses With High Employment and Market Demand in Kenya

Students work so hard throughout all levels of education, from the time they are in kindergarten to university. That hard work is supposed to pay off by getting employed and earning an income at last. That isn’t always the case. There are many qualified Kenyans who are jobless despite having all the required certificates. Stories have been aired about Kenyan Masters degree graduates doing odd jobs in order to sustain their lives because of lack of job opportunities in their field of expertise.

One of the main factors that determine how fast you will get a job after you graduate is the course that you choose to take. That might actually determine if you will succeed in life or not. Some courses offered in Kenyan universities and colleges might land you a job before you even graduate, while others will turn you into a job seeker for the rest of your life. You should avoid this mistake by doing due diligence to find courses that have high employment and market demand in Kenya.

We have simplified that for you in this article. See this list of top 10 university and college courses with high employment and market demand in Kenya.

List of Courses with High Employment and Market Demand in Kenya

1. Computer Science

Technology has evolved from the past when the use of computers was not that necessary. These days, a computer is a vital tool in almost all sectors like schools, hospitals and other institutions. Owning a personal computer nowadays is not something out of the ordinary.

For this reason, the demand for graduates in the wider computer science field has risen rapidly. Computer science is a marketable course offered in most Kenyan universities and colleges. After graduation, you will have a high chance of getting employed by banks,

NGOs and telecommunication companies among others.

2. Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce is one popular business course offered by most Kenyan Universities. Many companies hire Bachelor of Commerce graduates to work at top or middle level managerial positions.

Students that enroll for this course are taught business fundamentals and management skills.

3. Medicine

Medicine is a general term usually used to refer to the various fields of study within the medicine and health sciences. Some of these courses are: surgery, dentistry, public health and many more.

Many Kenyan universities and colleges offer diverse medicine courses. All the courses that are within the medicine field are marketable and have a high market demand in Kenya. It is rare to find a medicine graduate who struggles to find a job in Kenya.

4. Bachelor of Law (LL.B)

Bachelor of law is one of the most difficult courses that is offered in most universities in Kenya. You have to study for six years before you are admitted as an advocate of the high court.

When you finally get to be an advocate, you can be employed to work for government parastatals, private companies or law firms.

5. Architecture

With infrastructure being the number one development priority for the government of Kenya, Architecture graduates are a lucky lot. Architecture has actually for a long time been a course with high employment and market demand in Kenya. If you are passionate about this course, make a choice and enroll for it in one of Universities or colleges in Kenya.

6. Mechanical Engineering

The government of Kenya has in the recent past advocated for students that do not qualify  to enroll for university degree courses to join TIVET colleges instead. These colleges offer a wide range of marketable courses.

One of those courses is Mechanical Engineering. If you enroll in a diploma course in Mechanical Engineering, you are almost guaranteed a job as soon as you graduate.

7. Public Relations

This course focuses on training students on communication skills and public speaking. Graduates from this course can be employed as public relations officers in organizations. A graduate in this course can work as a communication link between an organization and the public.

8. Project Management

If your KCSE grades are too low to pursue a university degree in this course, you can join Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) and start with a certificate or diploma level. With a mean grade of ‘D’, you can start with certificate level and go up the ladder until you graduate with a degree.

On graduation, you can get employed by private companies like real estate or government parastatals to manage projects.

9. Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is one of the courses in Kenya that has high employment and market demand. Certificate and diploma courses are available in TIVET institutions.

Once you graduate, you can get employed by building contractors to install electricity on projects they are working on. Ladies have a higher chance of getting employed since they are fewer in this field.

10. Information Technology (IT)

Due to massive development of technology, taking a course in I.T will most likely get you employed as soon as you graduate.

This course is often confused with computer science but there is a slight difference. A computer scientist incorporates a lot of mathematics and science to design and build computer systems. An  I.T expert on the other hand, acts as the manager of these computer systems.


In summary below are the top 10 courses with high employment rate and market demand in Kenya

  1. Computer Science
  2. Bachelor of Commerce
  3. Medicine
  4. Bachelor of Law
  5. Architecture
  6. Mechanical Engineering
  7. Public Relations
  8. Project Management
  9. Electrical Engineering
  10. Information Technology

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Conclusion on Courses with High Employment and Market Demand in Kenya

After graduation, the course that you take will not automatically get you employed. You will find out that it takes much more effort to get a job. It is prudent therefore to market yourself by building an attractive CV and making various job applications. That will increase your chances of getting employed.

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