Top 10 Agribusiness Ideas for Farmers

Agriculture farming in Kenya has come a long way and the practices of agribusiness have been adapted by most farmers. These are agricultural practice that changes crops and plants farming into agribusiness.

If you have been looking for some of the best agricultural ideas that you wish to turn into a business and earn good money, here are some of the agribusiness ideas you can engage in.

1. Vegetable and fresh Produce

Agriculture has always the backbone of our country. In Kenya vegetable and fresh farm produce remains to be number one consumed food in the country. This is due to our culture that has stayed for so long. Engaging in farming of vegetables such as Kales, cow peas, amaranths, arrow roots, potatoes and so on can really earn you good money.  Vegetable and fresh produce farming as agribusiness can be a full time job. This can be done in a green house or open air farm. With an initial capital of Ksh.8,000, you can make a profit of over Ksh.8,000 within some few months.

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2. Tomato Farming.

Most of the meals we take are spiced with tomatoes. In the recent days the price of tomatoes has continued to rise as tomato farmers continue to make a kill. One crate of tomatoes of tomatoes has seen its price skyrocket in the recent past. If you are thinking of the best agribusiness project to engage in, then tomato farming is one of the best options. With a starting capital of around Ksh.20, 000 you can earn over Ksh. 300,000 from tomato farming. It is best if you plant the tomatoes in a green house where the weather condition can be controlled.

3. Cereal Farming.

Cereals such as beans, maize Soya beans, peas and green grams are used by most Kenyans on a daily basis. Engaging in cereal farming can turn your agricultural practice into a fortune. There is a ready market for cereals in all parts of the county. This type of farming can be practiced by both small scale and large scale farmers.

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4. Dairy farming

Raring of dairy animals is one of the best agribusiness ideas to engage in. A liter of milk goes for a bout Sh. 70 on retail price. Having dairy cows can see you turn your agricultural idea into a big business. The advantage of dairy farming is that, animal waste products and droppings can be used as manure. The manure is essential for your farming as it can be used to nourish the fodder on your farm. Milk is on a high demand and besides milk, you can process other products such as ghee and butter from your dairy farm. You will also see your number of dairy animals increase on the farm when they calf. Dairy farming is one of the best agribusiness Ideas you can think of.

5. Fish Farming

Now days you do not need to live near a river to rare fish. Having a fish pond near your compound can be a game changer for your agribusiness. As long as you can access fresh water you can have a fish pond in your compound and engage in fish farming. The price of fish continues to rise due to increase in demand. Fingerlings grow and mature into fish within a very short period of time. This means you will harvest frequently and make money. Fingerlings are cheaply available from fish farmers. You can engage in fish farming and smile all the way to the bank. From a capital of Ksh. 50,000 you can make up to Ksh.1 Million from fish farming.

6. Poultry Farming.

If you want to kill two birds with one stone, then poultry farming is one of the best agricultural practice to practice, Apart from the eggs you will collect daily from your poultry house, you can also breed more chicks and sale them. Poultry droppings also form the best manure on the farm. The beauty of this practice is that you do not need a large amount of space. Building a sizable poultry house in your compound can be the real deal. However you need to make sure you keep high level of hygiene in the poultry house. Also make sure you feed your layers with recommended feeds to get high quality yields. From a starting capital of Ksh. 80,000. You can make Ksh. 1 Million from poultry farming.

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7. Bee keeping

Bees sting but honey is the sweetest thing I have ever tested. Due to the high demand of honey, bee keeping is one of the best agribusiness projects you can think of. With a starting capital of around, Ksh. 5,000 you can fetch home over Ksh. 60,000 per harvest. These are sales from honey alone. You can as well make good use of the honey combs. They can also be sold and generate you some income. This agribusiness should however be done from farms away from people and animals.

8. Spices Farming

Believe it or not spice farming is one of the best agricultural practices one can engage in. Spices are used in our homes every day to flavor and make our meals tasty edible. Farming spices such as coriander, chives, thyme, mint, tarragon and basil can be really profitable. With a starting capital of around Ksh. 5,000, you can make a profit of over Ksh. 100,000 within a period of 4 to 5 months.

9. Sheep and goat Farming

Sheep and goats produce some of the best meat one can ever eat. Raring sheep and goats on your farm can be the best farming activities practice to engage in. They are known to give birth within a short period with likelihood of giving birth to twins being high. Milk from sheep and goats is also rare to find. The milk from the two goes for over Ksh. 120 per liter. With an initial capital of Ksh. 20,000 you can buy around four of them. Within a year you can make a profit that is four times your initial capital.

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10. Fodder Fabrication

While many grow maize for cereals you can grow maize for fodder. Napier grass and other form of fodder are highly on demand. Converting your fodder into silage or stakes of hey can be a profitable agribusiness practice especially during the dry season. You can sell the fodder directly to livestock keepers and make profit. With an initial capital of around Ksh. 10,000 you can make a profit of over ksh. 120,000 from this business in one harvest.

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