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This Is Why your Iron Box Gets Sticky Burnt Residues and How to Clean It

Your iron box getting sticky burnt fabric residues is one of the most annoying experiences one can go through during the ironing process. This is because the burnt residues leave stains on your clothes and if not careful, your clothe is likely to be burnt out. Besides, using an iron box that has burnt fabric residues makes ironing an almost an impossible process since the iron box cannot be moved back and forth with ease.

But what exactly causes your iron box to be prone to sticky fabric burns?

Why Your Iron Box Gets Sticky Burnt Residues when Ironing

Low Quality Iron Box

One major reason why your iron box burns clothes is because you might be using a low quality iron box. Just like the same way your food gets burnt quickly when using a low quality cooking pan, so is the same case with iron boxes. Most iron boxes on the market are made of low quality metallic iron material thus cannot withstand high amount of heat without causing the burns.

Low quality iron boxes are usually cheap and do not last for long before you start experiencing constant clothes burns when ironing. Next time you shop for an iron box take a close look at the metallic quality of the iron box and not just the number of watts written on the box.

Type Of Fabric You Iron

Different clothes material requires different conditions when ironing. Clothes made from Nylon and silk materials should be ironed under a cotton sheet but not directly. Clothes with creases are likely to cause burns on the ironing surface of your Iron box.

It is important to take not of ironing instructions prescribed on your clothe before ironing it. Do not treat all clothes as the same.

Heat regulation

Both wet and dry iron boxes allows for the regulation of heat. You should always regulate the heat you use depending on the type and material of clothes you are ironing. Woolen or cotton fabric that are heavy will need relatively a lot of heat to be properly ironed while light fabric requires low or regulated heat to be ironed. Sometimes, it is advisable to sprinkle water on a relatively light material before ironing. This reduces the chances of the fabric getting burnt and residue forming on your iron box.

Rusts On Iron Box

Poor storage of iron box can lead to rusts forming on your iron box. When the metallic iron surface of your iron box comes in contact with moisture or water, rust is likely to form on the surface of the iron box. Ironing a fabric with a rusty iron box will lead to your clothes getting stained and definitely your clothes will be burnt. Always store your iron box in a dry place free from moisture. You should avoid placing your iron box directly on the floor. Always check the ironing surface of your iron box before beginning the ironing process

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How To Remove Burnt Residues On iron box

There are several methods you can use to remove burnt residues on an iron box.  Below are some of the ways you can use to clean up your iron box

Use salt


Salt is one of those things that seems to do everything. It tastes good, cleans wounds and now it seems will clean your iron too.

To clean your iron box with salt;

Lay a clean, dry, piece of paper or clothes onto your ironing board.

Sprinkle the surface with sea salt.

Set your iron to a high temperature.

Iron over the salt several times while applying pressure until the burnt stains come away.

Clean the iron box base with a clean piece of cloth before using

Use A Medicinal Tablet

Although medicines are meant to be taken when we feel unwell, the tablets have proven to provide some of the best solutions when it comes to cleaning sticky burnt residues on the surface on an iron box. However use a low reactive tablet like paracetamol tablet. Some tablets might emit poisonous gas when exposed to heat.

By scratching the tablet on the surface of a hot iron box, the residues will easily melt away, then wipe the hot surface clean with a wet piece of cloth to clean it before use.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda also works well to clean sticky iron box residues. To effectively use baking soda, make a paste consisting of two tea spoonful of baking powder and one tea spoonful of water and spread over the iron’s plate while cool and rub with a non-scratch, clean cloth.

Wipe it off with a damp cloth to clean it

These are some of the best way to get your iron box free of rusts and burnt fabric residues.

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