This is the Salary You should be Earning to Live Comfortably In Nairobi

It is a dream for many to live in the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi. However, the amount you earn at the end of the month will highly determine if and where you can live in Nairobi. In this article we take a look at the income you should be earning to live in various parts of Nairobi city.

Nairobi dwellers are among the biggest earners and at the same time the highest spenders in the country due to the high cost of living in the city. Being the most coveted and the most populated city in the country, demand for human resources such as housing, infrastructure, medication, education and food has made Nairobi to be one of the most expensive cities not only in Kenya but in Africa as well.

So, how much should you be earning for you to reside comfortably in Nairobi? To be honest, you need to be earning at least Ksh.500,000 per month to comfortably live in Nairobi. This means if you are earning less than that and you are in Nairobi, then you need to pack your belongings and head back to your village. Hahaha I got you with this. Jokes aside.

Nairobi is a city that can accommodate all sorts of people from different salary brackets. Both High income earners, Middle income earners and low income earners can actually find a place to stay depending on their wages. However, this will highly affect the quality of life you will have.

Income You should Be Earning To Live Comfortably In Nairobi

If you are earning a monthly income of between Ksh.500,000 per month and above, then you fall under the high income earners. With this amount of monthly earnings, you can stay in leafy suburbs and high end estates such as Kileleshwa, Langata, Muthaiga, Parklands, Kilimani and so on. However, you will need to be earning, not less than Ksh.1 Million to live comfortably in high end residential areas such as Karen, Runda and Gigiri just to mention but a few. Monthly rent for a good house in these estates will cost you between Ksh.50,000 per month to Ksh.300,000 monthly.

These estates have enhanced security and the much needed human resources to make your life comfortable. You will also be able to access high speed internet and proximity to shopping centers.

For medium earners, these are individuals earning between Ksh.300,000 to Ksh. 80,000, you will need to rent a house that less than Ksh.50,000 in monthly rent charges. Such residents are most likely outside the CBD. Here, you will have to rent a house that will accommodated your pay cheque.

The good news is that, at Ksh.50,000 you will be able to get a good house that can comfortably accommodate you with your family. Estates such as Roysambu, Kileleshwa, Langata, South B, South C, Lavington, Ridgeways, Kitisuru, Nyari, Riverside, Loresho, Hurlingham, Rongai, Ngong and Upper Hill Estate will be ideal for you.

In such estates, you will be able to access the necessary social amenities such as good transport road network, High speed internet,clean water, schools and so on.

If you are a low income earner, that is, earning less than Ksh. 50,000 and you want to stay in Nairobi, you will have to sacrifice some of the essential necessities such as security, access to clean piped water and proper sanitation. Most low income earners who stay in Nairobi have to stay in slum areas as they are associated with low rental charges.

Dwellers in such estates can get a house charged at between Ksh.3,000 and 10,000 per month. Getting a descent house will highly depend on the estate you will find a rental house. Estates such as Kibera are more famous for low income earners.

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If is important that you make an informed decision on where you want to live or rent based on your income and your responsibilities. Other factors such as working environment should also play a key role in your decision making.



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