Study Abroad: Discovering the Mentality and Traditions of a Foreign Country

When moving out of your country, you should mentally prepare to study abroad because fitting in at times is a difficult task; this article will help you easily adapt and make it familiar.

When you are studying abroad, you may feel homesick or a little stressed once in a while. It is normal to feel alienated in a foreign country; it can sometimes feel stressful due to the completely new lifestyle, financial difficulties, academic demands, relationships, and the pressures of balancing study and work commitments. It is also very difficult in a country where you are not familiar with the traditions and values. Some things that may be the norm in your country may be considered taboo in other countries. For instance, Arab countries require women to cover their hair and dress decently.

Before undertaking the move to study abroad, it is important to conduct your research and take the necessary measures to prepare to make a move. First, you must refresh your language skills according to your destination. Visit a doctor to make sure you are okay health wise for the move. Get your traveling documentation in order and familiarize yourself with the destination’s local customs, people, and culture. Start saving up the money you need to settle in on arrival properly. And lastly, get a plane ticket for the intended day of travel.


Understand Different Cultures

The world is fast-growing, and many countries have vast multicultural environments; different understanding of cultures is vital since it promotes natural co-existence. While learning about diverse cultures, we should remember we are all individuals. You should not generalize. It would be best if you treated everybody as an individual. Doing this will create a better living environment and will go a long way in helping you fit in better. And it will promote a better relationship between you and other students. This will help you to prepare to study abroad and manage stress.

Know the Values and Traditions of Other Countries

Spending time with people from different cultures allows you to get a view and understanding of what they struggle with and their traditions as a culture. You also get to rethink assumptions previously made in your daily life practices. It will enable you to gain personal growth and learn new things about your culture. Through this, you experience the feeling of belonging to another culture. The world consists of various cultures, therefore these would help you appreciate and embrace people who are different from you. Having a better comprehension of values and traditions also enhances communication. But the most important factor is that it exposes you to vast new experiences.

Always feel safe

In addition to their own safety and comfort, you also need to take care of the safety of personal data. After all, connecting to public Wi-Fi abroad can lead to data leakage. VPN will help keep your data secure and safe while traveling; identity theft cases are rampant and common today. VPN download for Android is available for android users. You would not wish to have any bad experience in a foreign land, so to be safe, it would help if you download a suitable VeePN VPN proxy to be on the safe side. Apple users can also benefit from this because the best VPN for Apple is available to download. So in addition to personal security measures you need to secure your phone. Don’t drink shared alcohol at parties, don’t trust people you don’t know, and set up a VPN.

How Do You Deal with Culture Shock when Studying Abroad?

Culture shock is the impact of moving from a culture you are familiar with to the one which you are not familiar with. Everyone experiences this differently; past experiences often depict how you find this new environment. There are various ways of dealing with culture shock:

Write Down What You Love When You First Arrive

When you first arrive during the honeymoon phase, write down everything you like about the new country. When things get difficult, you go back to where you wrote the things you like and reflect on them. It will majorly help whenever you are irritated or annoyed since it will remind you there are still good things despite the bad.


Find A Healthy Distraction

Find something, either a hobby, watching your favorite TV show, or going to the gym. You must find a task that keeps your mind preoccupied, so you stop having negative feelings and thoughts.

Talk to Others about How You Feel

Connect with other students, preferably the ones who are new like you. Talk to them about how they are finding the new environment and how they cope with problems. It will often give you a sense of comfort and belonging and help you keep going and persevering.

Try to See Things through Your Hosts Culture’s Eyes

You should put your worldview aside and try to understand it from their perspective to understand your host better. Try to understand where their view is from, ask questions but do not make them seem judgmental. Take a view as if you are studying them.

Make an Effort to Learn Their Language

Learning their language will better help you fit in. this way, you will make friends easier, even if you will not learn the whole language, make an effort to at least learn the basic phrases commonly used.

If you master these various aspects, fitting in will not be a problem for you, and you will cope easily. At first, it might be difficult to manage, but eventually, you will feel at home. We hope this article will be of great help to you.


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