Showmax Subscription Packages and Charges in Kenya

Showmax reduces reduced subscription package charges is one reason why you should switch to Showmax for the latest movies and TV dramas in Kenya.

Unlike in previous years where the Showmax subscription prices used to be on the roof, you can now enjoy the latest Showmax discounted packages.

Showmax provides 4 major plans that one can opt for. The plans include; Showmax Mobile, showmax Standard, showmax Mobile pro and showmax pro.

So what are they currently offering?

Showmax wants you to enjoy your favorite movies and TV series at just Ksh.380 per month and on top of this you get an extra 2 months of watch time.

The sliced prices runs across all Showmax packages and now you will only pay Ksh. 380 for showmax Mobile instead of Ksh. 1,140.

Below is a list of the new showmax subscription charges for various packages

Showmax subscription mpesa payment method

Showmax subscription packages and their charges
  • Showmax Mobile Ksh.380
  • Showmax (Standard) ksh.760
  • Showmax Mobile Pro Ksh.1,050
  • Showmax pro Ksh.2,100

Previously the Ksh.760 Showmax standard subscription plan was going for ksh.2,280. The Showmax mobile pro on the other hand was going for ksh.3,150 and the Showmax pro plan was going for Ksh.6,300.

The plans have since been reduced to Sh1,050 and Sh 2,100 respectively.

Apart from the Movie channels, Showmax also offers various TV channels and Music channels like Trace Gospel and Trace urban which you can stream online all day and night.

Showmax pro provides a variety of movies, series and kid’s shows.

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You can easily make your showmax subscription payment via M-Pesa , credit card debit card or Paypal.

With M-pesa being a straight forward and easily payment to makepayment here in Kenya, this gives you one more reason to go for Showmax

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