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Shehnai Restaurant Services, Jobs, Contacts and Office Location

This article will give you more information on Shehnai Restaurant Services, Jobs, Contacts and Office Location. Shehnai Restauran is an old Spice Route that linked India and the East Coast of Africa is brought to life in the romantic historical cuisine at the Shehnai restaurant in Mombasa, where traditional culinary practices are still proudly carried on in an ambience of hospitality and service that is unique to the Coast.

An incredible variety of sumptuous mouthwatering food awaits your discovery and pleasure. Tickle your palate with original appetizers that put you in the mood for the oriental feast to follow. Rest assured, only the best of spices and ingredients go into the making of each dish. The carefully chosen fresh vegetables, meat, poultry and seafood match the utmost care and attention which go into the preparation of all this on the menu.

Shehnai Restaurant Summary
  • Restaurant Menu: International & Local Cuisine
  • Size: 1-10 employees
  • Working Days: Monday To Sunday
  • Business Hours: 8am-10pm
Shehnai Restaurant Jobs

To get get jobs with Shehnai Restaurant, check out for their available job opportunities that are published time to time and make your application. The company is constantly looking for talented and dedicated employees to join their team.

Contacts And Location

Fatemi House, Mungano Street

P. O. Box 81676, Mombasa, Kenya.

Phone Number: +254 722 871111



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