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Services you can access and apply online in Kenya

In Kenya, there are various government services you can access online and avoid the hustle of moving from one government office to another or simply looking for the nearest Huduma Centre near you to be served or to be able to make an application. This online application allows you to pay the necessary fees as well.

Most of the government services have been centralized and applications can be made through the eCitizen government online portal.

While a large number of Kenyans flock government offices to be served, most of them have no idea that some of the services can easily be accessed through various government portal. A majority of these services requires one to make and submit an application.

Most governmental or non-governmental institutions have made it possible to apply for services online either partly or as a whole.

Below are some services in Kenya that you can apply online.

Services Kenyans can apply online
  • Certificate of good conduct application
  • Passport application
  • CRB clearance
  • NHIF registration
  • Driving license application and renewal
  • Vehicle inspection booking
  • PSV registration
  • Bank account opening
  • Deposit and withdrawal from bank account
  • Business permit applications
  • Business and Company registration
  • KRA PIN application
  • KRA returns filing
  • KRA compliance certificate application
  • HELB Loan application
  • HELB compliance certificate application

Now let us go through each and see to which level can you apply for these services using the online platform. Note that these are not all the services available online. With more institutions and government organs digitizing their services more services will be available online in future.

  1. Certificate of good conduct application

Also known us police clearance certificate, this crucial document is issued through the eCitizen government service portal. Unlike the previous years where you had to visit the nearest police station to apply for a certificate of good conduct, you no longer need to go through that as you can make your application online.

To apply for a certificate of good conduct in Kenya, Create an account on the eCitizen platform and make your application. You will need to print out two copies of the payment invoice and one fingerprints form. Take the two payment invoices and the fingerprint forms to the Huduma centre you selected while making the application for stamping and fingerprints taking.

Use one stamped invoice to make your application whether it is job application or wherever the certificate is needed. Your certificate of good conduct will be ready for download and print out after an approximate period of 1 month. You will be charged a fee of Ks.1050 during the application.

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  1. Passport application

Whether you are applying for a temporary passport or for the East Africa Passport, The process is usually done online. With the temporary passport, the online application through the eCitizen platform is all you need. However, for the East African Passport, you will need to present your application documents to the nearest immigration office you selected during the online application. You will need first to create an eCitizen account before you can make the application.

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  1. CRB Clearance

Actually you do not need to visit any CRB office to get Clearance from CRB or get a CRB clearance certificate. The process has been much simplified that you can log into any of the CRB service provider website and perform all the clearance processes. You can even download and print your CRB report and clearance certificate at the comfort of your home.

For TransUnion CRB services, all you need is to download the TransUnion Nipashe App for all your applications. For Metropol, you can use the short code *433# to get started. You will have to log into the Metropol CRB website or app to be able to get your credit report or your CRB certificate.

With the above tools, you will be able to access your credit score, your credit report and even apply for your CRB clearance certificate at the comfort of your living room.

Suppose you have an account in default and you have been listed with CRB you will not be able to access the Clearance services. To get cleared, see how you can update your records and get clearance.

You can also get CRB services from credit info as well.

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  1. NHIF Registration

NHIF online registration process is straight forward. While many flock to Huduma Centres and NHIF offices for registration. The process can easily be done through the NHIF website. Payment and monthly subscriptions can also be made at the comfort of your home using the NHIF Paybill number.

The registration process requires one to create an account on the NHIF website and fill in your details. You will also be able to fill in the details of your dependents during the registration process.

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  1. Driving license application and renewal.

If you already have a driving license, you do not need to visit NTSA offices for renewal especially if you are still using the old driving license. Renewal of driving licenses in Kenya can easily be done on your computer or by visiting a cyber café.

If you are applying for the Smart driving license, all you need to do is to create an account with NTSA TIMS and make the application. You will then need to present application forms at the NTSA centre you selected during application for final documentation and passport taking.

You will also collect your digital driving from the NTSA office you selected during the application process. Other NTSA services you can access through the online process include, vehicle inspection booking, Log book transfer and PSV registration services.

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  1. Banks account opening

Various banks have made it possible for individuals to open a bank account through mobile applications or their official websites. If you are uncomfortable with the long queues associated with banks, then consider checking out if the bank has an online option for opening a new account.

The system will automatically generate your unique bank account. With the bank account you will be able to make deposits and withdrawals without the need of visiting the banking premises physically.

  1. Business permit application

Most county governments in Kenya have made it possible for business people to make application for their business permits through the county government eRevenue platforms. However, a majority of them will still require that you present yourself physically to make payment and collect your business permit.

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  1. Business Registration

If you are looking for business registration or company registration services in Kenya, look no further. The process has been automated and all you need is log into the eCitizen account and use the business registration portal to make your application.

With the portal, you can do a name search, register your business or company and make the payment all at the same place. Your registration certificate will be sent straight to your eCitizen account for download and printout.

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  1. KRA PIN application

Are you in need of a KRA PIN?, If the answer is yes, then go straight to KRA itax website to be able to make the application. All you will need to make the application is an active Email address and your ID number.

By filling in your details on the online registration form, you will be able to generate a KRA PIN certificate that you can download and print.

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  1. KRA Tax filing

Tax filing is mandatory in Kenya for all individuals in possession of a KRA PIN. Using the itax platform, individuals or businesses can make payments and file their tax returns. Among the tax returns individuals are expected to file include, Income individual resident tax, rental tax, withholding tax, PAYE among others.

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  1. KRA tax compliance certificate

KRA tax compliance certificate needs no hustle when making application. By logging into itax KRA website with your KRA PIN, you will be able to make application for a Tax Compliance Certificate and get it straight to your email. However, you will not be able to make the application if you are a defaulter. There are no charges imposed on tax compliance certificate application.

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  1. HELB Loan application

University and college students can easily apply for HELB loan using the HELB online platform. By creating an account with HELB on the official HELB website, one is able to fill in their details and make applications for the HELB funds.

This platform is used by both first time applicants and continuing students.

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  1. HELB Compliance certificate application

Individuals who are in need of a compliance certificate from HELB have the opportunity to apply for the certificate and get it instantly through the HELB website. For non HELB loan beneficiaries, one will be required to first create an account with HELB before they can apply for the certificate. The good news is that HELB has waived the Sh.1000 application fee that used to be imposed on non-beneficiary applicants.

If you already have a HELB account and you were a beneficiary, it is free to apply for and get the compliance certificate. However, you need not to be a defaulter to get your certificate.

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