Salaries for Nutritionists in Kenya

Nutritionists are people who have specialist in Nutrition and dietetics. A Nutritionist in Kenya earns an average salary of between Ksh.60,000 to Ksh. 500,000 per month. In this article we shall try to break down and find out just how much are Nutritionists paid.

The advantage of being a Nutritionist is that one can as well offer consultancy services thus making nutritionists highly rated when it comes to salaries and remuneration.

This average monthly salary is inclusive of allowances such as housing, transport, and other benefits. Dietitian salaries vary drastically based on experience, skills, gender, or location. Below you will find a detailed breakdown based on many different criteria.

Nutritionist Salary in Kenya

Nutritionists provide information on food and healthy eating and can work in a range of areas, including in public health, in the private sector and in education and research. Unlike dietitians who primarily work with people who are ill or whose health is affected by conditions such as food allergies, malnutrition or diabetes, nutritionists mostly work with people who are healthy.

Nutritionists in Kenya earns an average monthly salary of Ksh.450,000

A clinical Nutritionist Manager salary in Kenya

A clinical Nutritionist Manager evaluate and update various department protocols required for all nutrition programs and review all standards and provide recommendation to various feeding formulas.

They also gather all information from patients through regular communication and design various patient centric plans and determine all energy and nutrient requirements for individual.

A clinical Nutritionist in Kenya earns an average salary of Ksh.150,000

Minimum entry is ksh.60,000

Bachelor Degree holder Ksh. 100,000

Masters holders Ks. 150,000 – Ksh.360,000

Other specialists in Nutrition field include;

Health/Nutrition Coordinator

Nutrition specialist

Product supervisor


The amount one takes hove largely depends on the level of education, work experience, years of service and area of specialization.


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