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Report : Men are at a high risk of dying from Coronavirus than women

As the coronavirus spreads in countries around the world, more and more people are looking for answers about its effects. The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention has released a report that shows various trends of Coronavirus effect among patients.

According to the latest report, more men are likely to die from Coronavirus than women, but shockingly children are less likely to die than both.

New research from China has found that men, particularly middle-aged and older men, are having a harder time fighting off the virus than women. Chinese researchers found that while the infection rate among men and women is the same, the death rate among men is 2.8% compared with 1.7% for women. But the death rate among children is very low.

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According to a few unpublished Chinese studies, patients with delayed Coronavirus diagnosis or who had pneumonia at the time of their diagnosis have an increased risk of death. And one study suggests men may be waiting to seek care, as they were more likely than women to present at hospitals with the disease at a more advanced stage. has reported.

The finding does not give a clear reason why men are at a higher risk than women. However some theories have been given out to try and explain the trends.

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One of the reasoning behind it is that men may be more vulnerable to getting the virus (51% of the cases) but that could be because men in China may be more prone to travel than women. These makes more men exposed than women.

In another explanation medics reveal that more men than women smoke, this increases high chances of contracting respiratory diseases than women. Patients with respiratory diseases have high chances of dying from the deadly Coronavirus than those without respiratory complications.

With the current death toll standing at over 7,500 and over 189,000 cases of infections reported the world is still staring at a pandemic that needs extra attention. So far over 80,800 have recovered.

One can reduce the risk of infection by observing high levels of hygiene practices. You are also advised to avoid crowded places. If you know any infected person, avoid getting in contact with them as this exposes you to infections. Remember to visit the nearest health facility if you exhibit Corona like symptoms.

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