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Reasons your Certificate of Good Conduct Application was Rejected

You applied for a certificate of good conduct also known as Police Clearance Certificate but you have never received it after long period of waiting. Well, errors during application, your criminal record and waiting period are some of the reasons why you are yet to receive your certificate of good conduct. Some applications are rejected if they do not meet some threshold.

Here are possible Reasons why you are yet to receive your Certificate of Good Conduct.

You have a criminal record

Before you can receive your police clearance certificate after making application, your details are send to the Directorate of Criminal investigation headquarters in Kiambu for analysis. Information about you is used to determine the authenticity and the fingerprints are ran through the police system to search for any criminal information on you. If it is determined that you have any recent criminal record, your application will be rejected. Basically individuals who have ever been convicted with criminal records have their fingerprints taken at the police station. This information is stored in the police records for future reference.

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Your Application is Missing some Information

To some extended your application might have been put on hold or rejected because you did not provide all the needed information or your information is conflicting. Your personal details in your eCitizen account should much the deals you provided during the presentation of your application.

You are impatient

Generally your certificate of good conduct should be ready within a period of 1 month. However it might take longer than the one months period in some cases to get the important document. High number of applicants is one reason why your police clearance certificate may delay. In this case it may take time to clear the back log before you are served. Always check your eCitizen account to see if your certificate of Good Conduct is ready.

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You used another person’s account

You are always asked to make sure you use your own account while applying for the Certificate of Good Conduct. Applications made on someone else on your behalf especially in cyber cafes can result in making application in someone else’s account different from yours. Always verify to make sure you use account with your details and the printed forms are reading your ID number before presenting them for fingerprints taking.

If in one way or another your application was rejected but you do not have any Criminal record, visit the nearest Huduma center for assistance.

Requirements for Certificate of Good Conduct Application
  • Original ID for adults or birth certificate for minors
  • An active email address
  • Phone/phone Number
  • Ksh. 1050 application fee

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Before you can begin the application process you need to create an eCitizen account.

How To Create an eCitizen account

In case you are wondering what an eCitizen account is, this is a government portal that can be used to access several government services among them business registration ,NTSA services, Immigration Services and many others
Police Clearance Certificate is a service offered under Directorate of Criminal Investigation Department on the eCitizen platform.

Birth Certificate

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Application Procedure
  • Log in to yours account
  • Proceed to Directorate of Criminal Investigation.
  • Read the instructions carefully then fill the application form.
  • Select the mode of payment and pay for the police Clearance.
  • Download and print two(2) copies of your invoice, and one copy of your C24 on both sides of an A4 paper
  • Present the C24 and the payment invoice with an original National ID for adults and Original birth certificate for minors, to the directorate of criminal investigations department headquarters or the nearest HUDUMA CENTER for finger print processing.

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