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Prices Of Samsung Refrigerators In Kenya and Where To Buy Them

Prices Of Samsung Refrigerators In Kenya and Where To Buy Them. Samsung, a globally renowned electronics manufacturer, has a strong presence in Kenya’s appliance market, offering a wide range of refrigerators tailored to various consumer needs. As consumers consider investing in a Samsung refrigerator in Kenya, understanding the pricing dynamics becomes crucial. These appliances not only serve the essential purpose of food preservation but also come equipped with innovative features and technologies that can significantly impact their cost.

Samsung refrigerators are known for their sleek designs, advanced cooling systems, and smart functionalities that cater to diverse household needs. Whether you’re looking for a spacious French door refrigerator, a compact and energy-efficient model, or a fridge equipped with the latest technological advancements, Samsung offers a wide variety of options to choose from.

If you are looking forward to buying the best Samsung fridge, their are many options from this brand that can fit your pocket. The current prices of Samsung Fridges in Kenya ranges from KES 64,995 for a budget-friendly Samsung RT26HAR2DSA Double Door Fridge to KES 254,995 for the powerful Samsung RS64R5111M9/UT Side by Side Fridge

Samsung Fridge

Prices Of Samsung Refrigerators In Kenya

1. Samsung RT26HAR2DSA Double Door Fridge – 203L, – KES 64,995

2. Samsung RT28K3082S8 Top Mount Freezer 231L – Silver,- KES 74,995

3. Samsung RB33N4020S8 Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator – 257L,- KES 84,995

4. Samsung RT31K3082S8 Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator 253L – Silver, KES 86,995

5. Samsung RT31CG5421S9 Top Mount Freezer, 310L – Silver,- KES 97,995

6. Samsung RT44K5552S8 Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator 363L, –KES 109,995

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7. Samsung RT35CG5421S9 Top Mount Freezer, 348L – Silver, KES 109,995

8. Samsung RT49K5552S8 Top Mount Freezer 385L – Silver, KES 107,995

9. Samsung RT35CB56218A Top Mount Freezer, 348L – White & Navy KES 114,995

10. Samsung RT56K6341SL Top Mount Freezer 440L – Silver,- KES 127,995

11. Samsung RT60K6341SL Fridge Top Mount Freezer – 460L,- KES 139,995

12. Samsung RT60K6341BS Fridge Top Mount Freezer, 460L,- KES 144,995

13. Samsung RZ32R744541/UT Single Door Fridge, 323L – Navy,-KES 149,995

14. Samsung RT67K6541SL Top Mount Freezer Fridge- 526L,- KES 149,995

15. Samsung RZ32R744532/UT Single Door Fridge, 323L – Pink, – KES 149,995

16. Samsung RT47CG6631S9 Top Mount Freezer, 465L – Black,-KES 149,995

17. Samsung RT47CG6631B1 Top Mount Freezer, 465L – Black, KES 154,995

18. Samsung RT47CB663122 Top Mount Freezer, 465L – Black, –KES 167,995

19. Samsung RB33T307029/UT Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator – 339L, KES 174,995

20. Samsung RB33T307058/UT Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator – 339L,- KES 174,995

21. Samsung RS54N3A13S8/UT Side by Side Fridge – 540L, –KES 184,995

22. Samsung RS62R5005M9 Side by Side Fridge, 647L, KES 199,995

23. Samsung RT85K7110SL Double Door Fridge, 618L, –KES 199,995

24. Samsung RT85K7111BS Fridge Top Mount Freezer, 620L,- KES 209,995

25. Samsung RS64R5111M9/UT Side by Side Fridge, 617L, KES 254,995


You can buy Samsung fridges from official Samsung electronics stores, Hotpoint electronic shops, all supermarkets in your town or online on Hotpoint, Jumia, Kilimall or other well known online stores. When buying a refrigerator, make sure to consider factors like size, energy efficiency, features, and your budget. Additionally, inquire about warranty and after-sales service, as these can be crucial in case you encounter any issues with your appliance.

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Prices Of Refrigerators In Kenya and Where To Buy Them


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