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Prices Of Refrigerators In Kenya and Where To Buy Them

The cost of refrigerators in Kenya is a topic of significant importance for consumers seeking to make informed decisions when purchasing this essential home appliance. Refrigerators play a vital role in preserving food, enhancing convenience, and improving overall quality of life. However, understanding the diverse range of prices, factors influencing them, and the various options available is essential for anyone in the market for a new refrigerator in Kenya.

The current price for the most affordable refrigerators is KSh 18,600 Roch RFR-120S-I Single Door Refrigerator  and KES 399,995  for LG GC-X257CQES Side by Side Fridge, InstaView.

In this article, we will explore the factors that contribute to the prices of refrigerators in Kenya, the price ranges for different types and sizes, and how consumers can make the most cost-effective choices to suit their specific needs and budgets.

Prices Of Of Refrigerators In Kenya

Roch RFR-120S-I Single Door Refrigerator – 90 Litres – Silver,-KSh 18,600

Hisense REF094DR – 94 Liters Fridge – Silver,- KSh 20,200

Hisense RS-12DR4SA Single Door Direct Cool Fridge – 94L – Silver,- KSh 21,999

Hisense 92L Single Door Direct Cooling Fridge RS-12DR4SA- KSh 21,999

Roch RFR-110D-B Double Door Fridge, 85L – Silver KSh 22,199

Ramtons RF/215 – 1 Door Fridge 90 Litres – Silver,- KSh 23,700

Hisense Fridge 94 Liters REF094DR- KSh 23,990

Ramtons RF/214- 1 Door Fridge – 90 Litres – White, KSh 24,500

Hisense Fridge 91 Liters Double Door KSh 24,999

Ramtons RF/256 – 1 Door Refrigerator – 90L – Titan Silver- KSh 25,800

Ramtons RF/223-93 Litres Single Door Fridge- Silver, KSh 25,900

Mika MRDCS50DS/MRDCS50XLB – Refrigerator – 93L – Dark Silver,- KSh 25,995

Von VARM-11DHW Mini Fridge 90L – White,- KES 25,995

Vitron VDR128DS, 125 Liters Double Door Fridge – Silver Hairline,- KSh 26,529

Von VARM-11DHS Mini Fridge 90L – Silver – KES 26,495

Ramtons RF/222 – 2 Door Fridge – 88 L – Silver Flower,- KSh 28,400

Roch RFR 175-DT-I Double Door Refrigerator, 138L – Silver KSh 29,999

Roch RFR-190S-I Single Door Refrigerator, 150L – Silver,- KSh 29,999

Roch RFR-150DT-I Top-Mounted Defrost Fridge – 118L – Inox,- KSh 30,199

Vitron VDR170DS 170 Liters Double Door Fridge – Silver Hairline,- KSh 31,868

Hisense 91L Beverage Chiller Showcase Refrigerator-, KSh 32,000

Roch RFR-160DT-B Double Door Fridge, 126L – Silver,- KSh 33,999

Vitron VDR208DS 208 Liters Double Door Fridge – Silver Hairline,- KSh 34,779

Hisense Fridge 120Liters Two Door REF120DR,- KSh 35,999

Vitron VDR128DS Double Door Refrigerator 125L,- KSh 36,999

Ramtons RF/174 – 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge – 128 Litres – White,- KSh 37,200

Ramtons RF/174 – 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge – 128 Litres – White- KSh 37,200

Roch RFR-175DT-I Double Door Fridge, 138L – Silver,- KSh 38,000

Ramtons RF/175 – 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge – 128 Litres – Blue,-KSh 38,200

Bruhm BFS 150MD – Single Door Refrigerator 158L – Metallic Grey,- KSh 38,899

Hisense Fridge 120Liters Two Door REF120DR- KSh 38,990

Von VART-18DMY Double Door Fridge 138L – Silver,- KES 38,995

Ramtons RF/177- 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge – 128 Litres – Titan Steel,- KSh 39,150

Ramtons RF/140-Single Door 180LT Fridge-Silver,- KSh 39,999

Mika MRDCD70LSD Refrigerator, 118L Direct Cool, Double Door, Line Silver Dark,- KSh 39,995

Von VART-18DMS Double Door Fridge 138L – Silver,- KES 39,995

Von VART-22DHS Double Door Fridge 134L – Silver,- KES 40,995

Von VART-19DHS Double Door Fridge 136L – Silver,- KES 40,995

Hisense 176L Single Door Refrigerator With Water Dispenser, Silver RS-23DR4SB,- KSh 41,599

Hisense 116L Double Door Refrigerator RD-16DR4SA,- KSh 41,599

Mika MRDCS170LSD Refrigerator, 170L Direct Cool, Single Door, Line Silver Dark,- KSh 42,995

Roch Double Door Refrigerator – 168 Litres SILVER- KSh 43,500

Vitron VNR216DS 216 Liters Double Door Fridge – Silver Hairline,- KSh 43,849

Von VARS-19DHS Single Door Fridge – 166L, Silver, – KES 43,995

Mika Refrigerator, 138L, Direct Cool, Double Door, Dark Silver,- KSh 43,995

Hisense 154L Double Door Refrigerator RD-20DR4SA,- KSh 44,399

Haier Single Door Direct Cool 185 Litres Fridge,- KSh 45,400

Mika Refrigerator, 175L Direct Cool, Single Door, Line Silver Dark- KSh 45,995

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Roch RFR-330-DT-I Double Door Fridge, 261L,- KSh 45,999

Von VART-22DYS Double Door Fridge 208L – Silver, KES 47,995

Mika 168L,Direct Cool Double Door Refrigerator, Silver Brush,- KSh 49,995

Haier HRD-2204CSS Direct-Cool Single Door Fridge, 220L – Shiny Steel- KSh 49,999

Haier 172L Fridge With Bottom Mount Freezer HRD-230TMPS- KSh 51,999

Hisense 206L Double Door Refrigerator RD-27DR4SA- KSh 52,099

Vitron VNR269DS 269 Liters Double Door Fridge – Silver Hairline,- KSh 52,679

Hisense Fridge REF205DR Double DoorWith Adjustable Leg 205L-KSh 52,899

Hisense RS-23DR4SB Single Door Direct Cool Fridge 176 Litres – Silver,- KSh 54,990

LG GN-B202SQBB Top Mount Freezer – 187 L – KES 58,995

Beko BAD526 Top Mount Freezer, 197L – Silver,- KES 59,995

Mika MRDCD261LSD Refrigerator, 261L, Direct Cool, Double Door, Line Silver Dark,- KSh 62,995

Von VART-27NHS Double Door Fridge 216L – Silver,- KES 64,995

Samsung RT26HAR2DSA Double Door Fridge – 203L, – KES 64,995

Von VART-26NMS Double Door Fridge, 200L – Silver, KES 65,995

Roch RFR-435-DT-I, Double Door Refrigerator – 348 Litres- KSh 66,400

Von VART-25NHS Double Door Fridge 220L – Silver,- KES 66,995

Von VART-25NHS Double Door Fridge 220L – Silver,- KES 66,995

LG GL-C252SLBB Refrigerator, Top Mount Freezer, 234 L,Silver – KES 67,495

Von VART-36NHS Double Door Fridge 251L – Silver, – KES 68,995

Beko BAD532 Top Mount Freezer, 251L – Silver,- KES 69,995

Bruhm BBS-209M – Beverage Cooler – 209 Litres – Grey- KSh 71,900

Von VART-37NMS Double Door Fridge 253L – Silver,- KES 72,995

Mika MSFU2501WG – Upright Showcase Chiller- 250L – 165W – White,- KSh 73,995

Beko BAD530 Bottom Mount Freezer, 253L – Silver,-KES 74,995

LG GN-B222SQBB Top Mount Freezer – 209(L),- KES 72,995

Samsung RT28K3082S8 Top Mount Freezer 231L – Silver,- KES 74,995

Hisense Fridge 320 Liters Raf320DR- KSh 77,499

Von VART-25NVS Top Mount Freezer, 250L – Silver, KES 77,995

Von VART-39NHS Double Door Fridge 241L – Dark Silver, KES 77,995

Roch RFR-580-DT-I No Frost Double Door Fridge, 465L-, KSh 80,700

LG GN-B272SQCB Refrigerator, Top Mount Freezer, 254L – Silver,-KES 82,995

Von VART-41NHS Double Door Fridge 261L – Dark Silver,- KES 82,995

Samsung RB33N4020S8 Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator – 257L,- KES 84,995

Bruhm BRD 249TENI – Frost Free Refrigerators – 250 Ltr – (10.5 Cft) – Mettalic Grey, –KSh 85,700

Samsung RT31K3082S8 Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator 253L – Silver, KES 86,995

Von VART-47NHS Double Door Fridge 341L – Silver,- KES 87,995

Mika MRNF297SS Refrigerator, 297L, No Frost, Brush SS Look,- KSh 89,995

Bosch KDN26N12K5 Top Mount Freezer – 258L,- KES 89,995

Bosch KDN26N12N5 Top Mount Freezer – 258L,-KES 89,995

Hisense 326L Double Door Refrigerator RD-42WR4SA- KSh 90,599

Bosch KDN30N12K5 Top Mount Freezer – 280L,- KES 94,995

Samsung RT31CG5421S9 Top Mount Freezer, 310L – Silver,- KES 97,995

Ramtons RF/331-378 Litres Double Door No Frost Fridge-Silver,- KSh 99,250

SureChill 1DS65 Solar Fridge – 65L, KES 99,995

Bosch KDN30N12N5 Top Mount Freezer Fridge – 280L,- KES 99,995

LG GL-C652HLCM Top Mount Freezer, 438L – Silver, KES 99,995

LG GN-B332PLGB Top Mount Freezer, 335 L,- KES 99,995

Von VBRC25VW Built-in Combi Fridge Freezer – 294L,- KES 100,000

LG GN-B312PLGB Top Mount Freezer – 315(L),- KES 103,995

LG GL-T652HLCM Top Mount Freezer, 438L – Silver,- KES 105,995

LG GN-B332PXGB Top Mount Freezer – 335(L),- KES 107,995

Samsung RT44K5552S8 Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator 363L, –KES 109,995

LG GC-B369NLJM Bottom Mount Freezer – 306L, –KES 109,995

LG GL-B472PLGB Top Mount Freezer – 375(L),- KES 109,995

Samsung RT35CG5421S9 Top Mount Freezer, 348L – Silver, KES 109,995

Samsung RT49K5552S8 Top Mount Freezer 385L – Silver, KES 107,995

Samsung RT35CB56218A Top Mount Freezer, 348L – White & Navy KES 114,995

LG GL-B492PXGB Top Mount Freezer – 395(L),- KES 117,995

Bosch KDN43N12N5 Top Mount Freezer Fridge – 380L,- KES 118,995


Ramtons RF/332- NO-FROST INVERTOR 2DOOR SLV 517LT,- KSh 119,650

Bosch KSV36VL3PG Upright Refrigerator 346L – Silver,- KES 119,995

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Beko BAD664 Top Mount Freezer, 520L – Silver,- KES 119,995

Bruhm BRD 425TENI – Frost Free Refrigerator – 450 Ltr – (17.5 Cft) – Mettalic Grey- KES 119,995

Von VART-78NHS Double Door Fridge 480L – Silver, KES 122,995

Beko BFF255 Side By Side 472L – Silver, KES 124,995

Hisense Fridge 518 Liters Side By Side- KSh 127,000

LG GN-B372PLGB Top Mount Freezer- 375(L), KES 127,495

Bosch KDN43VL2N5 Top Mount Freezer Fridge – 365L, KES 127,995

Samsung RT56K6341SL Top Mount Freezer 440L – Silver,- KES 127,995

LG GC-B459NQDZ Bottom Mount Freezer Fridge- 341(L), KES 127,995

Bosch KDN43VL2K5 Top Mount Freezer – 365L,- KES 127,995

LG GL-B492PLGB Top Mount Freezer – 395(L), KES 129,495

LG GN-B392PLGB Top Mount Freezer – 395(L),- KES 136,995

LG GN-B422SQCL Top Mount Freezer Fridge, Dark Graphite Steel top – 393(L), –KES 138,995

LG GN-B392PXGB Top Mount Freezer – 395L, – KES 139,995

Hisense 454L Pure Flat French Door Refrigerator- KSh 139,999

Von VARZ-20NHK Side by Side Fridge, 429L,- KES 139,995

Samsung RT60K6341SL Fridge Top Mount Freezer – 460L,- KES 139,995

LG GL-H602HLHU Top Mount Freezer, 410 L – Silver,- KES 140,879

Samsung RT60K6341BS Fridge Top Mount Freezer, 460L,- KES 144,995

Von VARS-23DHS Single Door Fridge 185L – Silver,- KES 149,995

Samsung RZ32R744541/UT Single Door Fridge, 323L – Navy,-KES 149,995

Samsung RT67K6541SL Top Mount Freezer Fridge- 526L,- KES 149,995

Samsung RZ32R744532/UT Single Door Fridge, 323L – Pink, – KES 149,995

Samsung RT47CG6631S9 Top Mount Freezer, 465L – Black,-KES 149,995

Samsung RT47CG6631B1 Top Mount Freezer, 465L – Black, KES 154,995

LG GL-F652HLHU Top Mount Freezer – 438(L),- KES 155,495

LG GC-B569NQCM Bottom Mount Freezer Fridge – 462(L),- KES 155,995

LG GC-FB507PQAM Side By Side Fridge – 519L,- KES 159,995

LG GN-C422SGCU Refrigerator, Top Mount Freezer, 393L – Black,- KES 163,995

Samsung RT47CB663122 Top Mount Freezer, 465L – Black, –KES 167,995

LG GN-F702HLHU Top Mount Freezer – 509(L),- KES 174,495

Samsung RB33T307029/UT Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator – 339L, KES 174,995

Samsung RB33T307058/UT Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator – 339L,- KES 174,995

Samsung RS54N3A13S8/UT Side by Side Fridge – 540L, –KES 184,995

LG GN-C702SGGU Refrigerator, Top Mount Freezer, 506L,- KES 193,995

LG GR-F872HLHU Top Mount,- KES 199,995

Samsung RS62R5005M9 Side by Side Fridge, 647L, KES 199,995

Samsung RT85K7110SL Double Door Fridge, 618L, –KES 199,995

Bosch KGN56LB305 Bottom Freezer Fridge, 505L – Black,- KES 204,995

Samsung RT85K7111BS Fridge Top Mount Freezer, 620L,- KES 209,995

LG GC-B257JLYL Side by Side Fridge – 649L,- KES 225,995

Samsung RS64R5111M9/UT Side by Side Fridge, 617L, KES 254,995

LG GC-L257JLXL Side by Side Fridge – 634(L),- KES 277,995

Bosch KAN93VIFPG Refrigerator, Side by Side – 580L,- KES 239,995

Bosch KAI93VIFPG Refrigerator, Side by Side – 562L, – KES 287,995

LG GC-J257SQRS Side by Side Fridge, UVnano Dispenser, Matte Black Finish – 635(L),- KES 319,995

LG GC-X257CSES Side By Side Fridge – 635 L, –KES 379,995

LG GC-X22FTQLL Slim French Door Fridge, InstaView – 508(L),- KES 381,995

LG GC-X257CQES Side by Side Fridge, InstaView, Matte Black Finish – 635(L),- KES 399,995


It’s essential to consider various factors to make an informed decision that suits your needs and budget. This brief guide outlines key considerations when buying a refrigerator in Kenya.

  1. Budget: Determine your budget before beginning your search. Refrigerator prices in Kenya vary widely, depending on the brand, size, features, and energy efficiency. Consider both the initial cost and long-term operating expenses, including electricity consumption.
  2. Size and Capacity: Choose a refrigerator size that fits your kitchen space and meets your storage requirements. Common sizes in Kenya range from compact units (150-250 liters) to larger family-sized models (300-500 liters or more). Assess your family’s needs to select the appropriate capacity.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Kenya experiences frequent power fluctuations and high electricity costs. Look for refrigerators with high energy efficiency ratings, such as those labeled with the Energy Regulatory Commission’s (ERC) energy efficiency stickers. These appliances consume less electricity and can save you money in the long run.
  4. Refrigerator Type: Select the type of refrigerator that suits your lifestyle:
    • Top-Mounted Freezer: The freezer is on top, with the refrigerator below. Common and budget-friendly.
    • Bottom-Mounted Freezer: The freezer is at the bottom, offering easier access to the fridge compartment.
    • Side-by-Side: Vertical split with the fridge on one side and the freezer on the other. Ideal for larger families.
    • French Door: Similar to side-by-side but with double doors for the fridge compartment. Provides ample storage space.
  5. Features: Consider additional features based on your preferences:
    • Ice and Water Dispensers: Convenient for instant cold water and ice cubes.
    • Adjustable Shelves and Compartments: Customize storage to accommodate various items.
    • Temperature Controls: Ensure precise temperature settings for food safety.
    • Frost-Free Technology: Prevents ice buildup, reducing the need for manual defrosting.
    • Door Alarm: Alerts you when the door is left open.
  6. Brand and Warranty: Research reputable brands available in Kenya and check for after-sales service and spare parts availability. Ensure the refrigerator comes with a warranty that covers manufacturing defects and repairs.
  7. User Reviews: Read reviews and seek recommendations from friends or family to gain insights into the performance and reliability of different refrigerator models.
  8. Delivery and Installation: Consider the delivery and installation process, as well as any additional charges. Ensure that the retailer offers these services or make arrangements with a trusted technician.
  9. Maintenance: Regularly clean and maintain your refrigerator to extend its lifespan and maximize energy efficiency.
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Where To Buy Refrigerators In Kenya

In Kenya, you can purchase a refrigerator from various sources, including physical stores and online retailers. Here are some common places where you can buy a refrigerator:

  1. Electronics and Appliance Stores: Visit local electronics and appliance stores in your area. These stores often carry a wide range of refrigerator brands and models. Some popular electronics and appliance stores in Kenya include  Naivas,  Quickmart, Carrefour, and Chandarana Foodplus.
  2. Specialized Appliance Retailers: Consider visiting specialized appliance retailers that focus exclusively on home appliances and electronics. These stores may offer a broader selection and expert advice on choosing the right refrigerator for your needs.
  3. Online Retailers: Many online retailers in Kenya, such as Jumia, Kilimall, and Masoko, sell refrigerators. Shopping online allows you to compare prices and features easily and often offers convenient delivery options. Be sure to read product descriptions, customer reviews, and return policies when shopping online.
  4. Supermarkets: Some supermarkets in Kenya also sell home appliances, including refrigerators. You can check the appliance section of larger supermarkets for a limited selection of models.
  5. Authorized Dealers and Brand Outlets: If you have a specific refrigerator brand in mind, you can visit authorized dealers or brand outlets. These outlets usually offer a wide range of models from a particular brand and may provide expert guidance.
  6. Secondhand and Appliance Repair Shops: You can find used refrigerators at secondhand appliance shops or stores that specialize in appliance repairs and sales. Ensure that the used appliance is in good working condition and inquire about any warranty or guarantee.
  7. Classified Ads and Online Marketplaces: Platforms like OLX (now Jiji), Facebook Marketplace, and Gumtree often have listings for both new and used refrigerators. When buying from individuals, exercise caution and thoroughly inspect the appliance before purchasing.
  8. Wholesale and Retail Markets: Some wholesale markets, such as Gikomba Market in Nairobi, may have vendors selling appliances, including refrigerators. Prices may be competitive, but it’s essential to verify the quality and condition of the products.

When buying a refrigerator, make sure to consider factors like size, energy efficiency, features, and your budget. Additionally, inquire about warranty and after-sales service, as these can be crucial in case you encounter any issues with your appliance.

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