Prices Of LG Refrigerators In Kenya and Where To Buy Them

LG fridges stand out as a top brand in Kenya and worldwide. LG offers a wide range of refrigerators tailored to various consumer needs. LG refrigerators are known for their sleek designs, advanced cooling systems, and smart functionalities that cater to diverse household needs. Whether you’re looking for a spacious French door refrigerator, a compact and energy-efficient model, or a fridge equipped with the latest technological advancements, LG offers a wide variety of options to choose from.

If you are looking forward to buying the best LG fridge, their are many options from this brand that can fit your pocket. The current prices of LG Fridges in Kenya ranges from KES KES 58,995 for a budget-friendly LG GN-B202SQBB Top Mount Freezer to KES 399,995 for the most powerful  LG GC-X257CQES Side by Side Fridge, InstaView


Prices Of LG Refrigerators In Kenya

LG GN-B202SQBB Top Mount Freezer – 187 L – KES 58,995

LG GL-C252SLBB Refrigerator, Top Mount Freezer, 234 L,Silver – KES 67,495

LG GN-B222SQBB Top Mount Freezer – 209(L),- KES 72,995

LG GN-B272SQCB Refrigerator, Top Mount Freezer, 254L – Silver,-KES 82,995

LG GL-C652HLCM Top Mount Freezer, 438L – Silver, KES 99,995

LG GN-B332PLGB Top Mount Freezer, 335 L,- KES 99,995

LG GN-B312PLGB Top Mount Freezer – 315(L),- KES 103,995

LG GL-T652HLCM Top Mount Freezer, 438L – Silver,- KES 105,995

LG GN-B332PXGB Top Mount Freezer – 335(L),- KES 107,995

LG GC-B369NLJM Bottom Mount Freezer – 306L, –KES 109,995

LG GL-B472PLGB Top Mount Freezer – 375(L),- KES 109,995

LG GN-B372PLGB Top Mount Freezer- 375(L), KES 127,495

LG GC-B459NQDZ Bottom Mount Freezer Fridge- 341(L), KES 127,995

LG GL-B492PLGB Top Mount Freezer – 395(L), KES 129,495

LG GN-B392PLGB Top Mount Freezer – 395(L),- KES 136,995

LG GN-B422SQCL Top Mount Freezer Fridge, Dark Graphite Steel top – 393(L), –KES 138,995

LG GN-B392PXGB Top Mount Freezer – 395L, – KES 139,995

LG GL-H602HLHU Top Mount Freezer, 410 L – Silver,- KES 140,879

LG GL-F652HLHU Top Mount Freezer – 438(L),- KES 155,495

LG GC-B569NQCM Bottom Mount Freezer Fridge – 462(L),- KES 155,995

LG GC-FB507PQAM Side By Side Fridge – 519L,- KES 159,995

LG GN-C422SGCU Refrigerator, Top Mount Freezer, 393L – Black,- KES 163,995

LG GN-F702HLHU Top Mount Freezer – 509(L),- KES 174,495

LG GN-C702SGGU Refrigerator, Top Mount Freezer, 506L,- KES 193,995

LG GR-F872HLHU Top Mount,- KES 199,995

LG GC-B257JLYL Side by Side Fridge – 649L,- KES 225,995

LG GC-L257JLXL Side by Side Fridge – 634(L),- KES 277,995

LG GC-J257SQRS Side by Side Fridge, UVnano Dispenser, Matte Black Finish – 635(L),- KES 319,995

LG GC-X257CSES Side By Side Fridge – 635 L, –KES 379,995

LG GC-X22FTQLL Slim French Door Fridge, InstaView – 508(L),- KES 381,995

LG GC-X257CQES Side by Side Fridge, InstaView, Matte Black Finish – 635(L),- KES 399,995

Where To Buy LG Refrigerators In Kenya

You can buy LG fridges from official LG electronics stores, Hotpoint electronic shops, all supermarkets in your town or online on Hotpoint, Jumia, Kilimall or other well known online stores. When buying a refrigerator, make sure to consider factors like size, energy efficiency, features, and your budget. Additionally, inquire about warranty and after-sales service, as these can be crucial in case you encounter any issues with your appliance.


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Prices Of Refrigerators In Kenya and Where To Buy Them

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