NTSA Annual Vehicle Inspection Check List and how to book online

NTSA Annual Vehicle Inspection Check List and How To Book Online: Each year motorists present their vehicle at the NTSA inspection centres for vehicle inspection. This is mandatory to all motor vehicle owners to determine the worthiness of the vehicle on Kenyan road. The process begins with booking for motor vehicle inspection date and station online.

You will also be required to pay the motor vehicle inspection fee online and print the invoice to be presented at the inspection centre together with your vehicle inspection form.

However, for your vehicle to pass the taste, there are various check lists that your vehicle must pass for it to be successful.

Here here NTSA inspection checklist
-Inspection Checklist -Brakes: The condition of all brakes, including emergency brakes, and brake fluid levels,drums and shoes, air leaks etc.
-Tires: Tire inflation, air pressure, tread depth, uneven wear, and bald spots
-Lights: All lights, including turn signals, brake lights, and marker lights
-Exhaust system: Leaks in the exhaust system, as well as the air pollution control system and catalytic converter
-Windshield wipers: The condition of the wipers, and whether the defroster works properly
-Cargo: Whether the cargo is sealed or properly contained —Engine and electrical systems
-Wheels and cracked rims and missing lug nuts.
-Safe loading
-Taillights and headlamps
-Suspension, cracked or welded chassis.
-Coupling devices
-Emergency exits
-Trailer bodies
-Truck frame
-Steering wheel and steering mechanisms
-Fuel system.
How to book for vehicle inspection

Follow the below procedure to book for vehicle inspection online through the NTSA TIMS porta

1. Log into your NTSA TIMS account.

2. Navigate to > vehicle inspection tab > start the booking process option

3. For first time booking, click > new car booking, > key in your car’s entry number

4. For yearly booking, click > annual booking > provide your car’s registration number

5. Make payments via M-pesa, Airtel Money, Credit/Debit/Cash or KCB Bank.

6. After payment, proceed to the complete button, you will receive a receipt which you have to present an original copy for vehicle inspection. Download and print it

7. Return to complete the inspection booking process

8. Click > booking tab

9. Choose > your preferred inspection station

10. Select > time and date for inspection depending on the available slots and your availability.

11. NTSA indicates dates and times that are free for booking using green and red bar. All spots in green are free while the red bar shows the dates and times that are fully booked.

12. Submit > the information you have given.

13. For viewing all your information, return to the vehicle inspection page. Click details to view the information

14. Print the generic inspection booking slip for later use and inspection.

Note that booking for motor inspection is valid for 14 days. When the time lapses and you have not presented your vehicle for inspection, afresh booking has to be done.

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