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Notorious chief infamous for sleeping with villagers’ wives in the bush regrets after seducing pastor’s wife

A notorious chief who had been terrorizing men of his village by sleeping with their wives as he pleased regretted his actions after going after the pastor’s wife. Chief Daniel of Murang’a would often seduce the women of his village and sleep with them in total disregard and disrespect of their husbands.

“Mimi ndiye chifu wa kijiji hiki na kwaivo nikitaka any woman for my sexual pleasure lazima nimpate,” he would say whenever any man tried to confront him for sleeping with their women.

The men of the village were so fed up but they did not know how to deal with the chief for breaking their marriages and leaving them with no wives. However, the proverbial 40th day of the chief came to pass after he went after the pastor’s wife.

The chief thought that the pastor would be scared of him and so he started by sending flirtatious text messages to the man of God’s wife. Soon enough, the pastor’s wife started falling for the chief’s trap and started responding and meeting him at his house for intercourse.

No sooner had the pastor heard about the chief’s affair with his wife that he drove to his wife and warned him to stay away from his wife. However, the chief was not scared of the pastor and so he continued having sex with the pastor’s wife. A few days later, something awkward happened.

As the chief was having sex with the woman, he got stuck in her privates and they could not separate. The experience was also very painful and so they screamed for help. Villagers rushed to his house when they heard the screams and they were happy to see him suffering for his actions.

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The pastor also came and found the chief and his wife stuck. He told the villagers he decided to seek Doctor Kazimoto’s help in dealing with the chief so as to tame his lust which had broken many homes in the village.

“I know many of you have suffered due to this chief but I am happy we can finally teach him a lesson. It was only through Doctor Kazimoto that I was able to teach him a lesson,” the pastor said while the residents clapped for him for dealing with the notorious chief.

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