NCBA Customers Decry Over Poor Services From The Bank

NCBA customers have in recent days decried over poor services from the bank. Some of the customers took to social media to vent their anger and frustration for the services they are being offered by the bank. While most of them do appreciate efforts made by the bank over years on service quality, a number of them are not happy with the current situation.

Majority of the complainants have sited that things turned south when CBA merged with NIC bank to become NCDA. Ever since the merger took place, most services changed especially the mobile App services.

The App downtime and failed transactions have been the norm ever since the merger took place. Some went on and asked the bank to update their database and improve the online services.

Some also noted that the issues are no longer being solved in a timely manner as it used to be before. All these complaints were being experienced by both NIC customers and CBA customers who were affected by the merger.

There have been reports too where some clients have lost their money from their accounts.

Some took to twitter and here is a sample of their posts

@donmuasya Having been a CBA customer for so long I must admit that things have changed since the merger. App downtimes and failed transactions have been too frequent. Issues not resolved in a timely manner as it was the case before and txn failures at month end are like a new normal.

@qusinah Incidentally, NIC was awesome before the merger. Makes me wonder why two great brands coming together couldn’t result in better customer experience but rather worsened the situation

@NorahMutisya1 It would be wrong to put a whole bank in bad books just because of a single incident. I deem


to be the best bank for me. The cashiers are really professional too. One Valerie or Valency served me really well a few weeks ago at your Prestige branch.


@ZeddyBariti . Even w/ the merger, the formely CBA faction ought to benchmark w/ NIC systems & service. Update your database & stop unnecessary harassment. Case in point, the two city centre branches -there’s little to write home about NCBA bank compared to the initially NIC.

NCBA Bank Closes 8 of its branches in Kenya

Bank Statemet

Following the complaints NCBA went on and apologized to its customers with a promise that the situation is being worked on.

In a letter send to the public by NCBA bank, the bank stated that they were working to urgently resolve all the issues raised by individuals as they also move to address the root cause.

“Today several customers have come forward on social media with service issues that have been poorly resolved. While it has been painful to hear that we haven’t always lived up to our brand promise, we are greatful for the feedback and are working urgently to resolve all of the individual issues raised while also addressing the root causes.” NCBA Stated.

“We know that this isn’t everything and it won’t happen overnight but we are committed to delivering an experience that makes all customers proud to be NCBA customers.” The statement concluded.


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