My Mubaba Dumped me after I Told Him That I Was Pregnant, Warned That He Would Kill Me If I Told Anybody

About a year ago, my boss in the office I was interning at started flirting with me. At first I thought it was inappropriate but he wrote me a message promising that I was the only intern he was ever attracted to.

“I know you think that I just want to sleep with you but you are very mistaken! You are the only intern I have ever been attracted to and I am so in love with you,” he told me on WhatsApp.

I was just fresh from campus and I thought being in a relationship with him would help me get a permanent job and also other favours. He was also spoiling me with me gifts and money and so I decided to give him a chance.

Our relationship was very exciting; Sometimes he would call me in his office for a quickie and each weekend, he gave me KSh 10,000 to enjoy myself with some shopping. All was going well until I discovered that I was pregnant. I thought he would be excited to hear that I was expecting his baby but I was mistaken.

“Are you crazy! How can you be pregnant and yet I have a wife and kids? You are fired and if you ever tell anyone that we ever had sex I will personally kill you,” he told me and chased me out of his office.

I was very saddened. I was left with no job, money and with a baby on the way. My mother back in the village was also very concerned because I was no longer sending her any cash like before.

When I told her what happened, he asked to contact Doctor Kazimoto and get a spell that would make my boss come back to me and support me financially. I called the doctor on +254741930918 and told him my problem.

He cast for me a spell that would my boss love me and our unborn baby and also support me. In less than 24 hours after the spell was cast, my boss called me and apologized for how he had treated me. He sent me KSh 100k and told me to use it to care for our baby.

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