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“My Late Wife Can’t Let Me Sleep Soundly, I Have Been Having Nightmares Ever Since I Re- Married” Kitui Man Painfully Narrates

What I fail to understand is that during the vows moment at the altar on the wedding day, couples normally say to each other “until death do us part” but seems like my late wife Joan was too jealous to mean her vows since even after her death she’s been haunting me down through night mares and cry to me in my dreams asking me to kill myself and join her into the death life.

I would rebuke and condemn her with some powerful bible verses and still experience the same thing once I pinned my head down onto my pillow. We got married three years ago but unluckily she was barren and couldn’t give me any kids. I struggled to deal with the shame of not having kids since the society never gave me respect and parents would scold their kids once I would attempt to send them at the shop.

My parents never liked my late wife and it brought chaos on the day of her burial since according to our culture, a wife is normally buried at her husband’s soil. My parents and family members were against it since she didn’t have a kid with me and they considered her as a girlfriend who we were dating and having fun together.

Later on I had to act as a man and become violent and enforce my way since the land she was to be buried was mine lawfully since I had inherited it from my late father Kasyoka. After her burial my life hasn’t been the same. I struggle to find sleep and despite the use of sleeping pills, I experience worst night mares and my current wife Caroll complains how I snore and sleep talk asking for forgiveness to a person in my dream.

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Joan could scare me in my dreams and threaten to harm me if I didn’t divorce my current wife and hang my self so as I may join her since she claimed she was so lonely in the spiritual land and needed a companion.  It became excess to the extent of me trying to seek guidance and counselling and also prayer from priests which never helped me.

After I narrated my situation to one of my work colleagues, he introduced me to Dr. KAZIMOTO who had previously helped him deal with similar problem. I contacted Dr. KAZIMOTO who assured me of help after he performed his Powerful Cleansing Rituals that worked instantly. I have been sleeping soundly ever since and my late wife has never attacked me in my dreams. Thanks to Dr. KAZIMOTO,I no longer experience nightmares.

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