My Husband Registered all Our Properties under His Side Chick Name after She Got Juju Powers to Control Him

My name is Miriam and recently, I tried to go the bank to take a loan and I realized that my husband had single-handedly changed all the documents of our properties that we co-owned and put them under his side chick’s name.

I was in shock as I saw how he had forged my signature in all our documents of the properties amounting to KSh 2 million and instead indicated that his mpango wa kando was his real wife. My husband had done this two months before I found him and I was in absolute shock. I went home to ask why he had done it and he dismissed me saying he would divorce me.

“Do not ask me stupid questions! That woman is my second wife and if you demand that I take her out of the properties I will make sure that you regret that because I will divorce you,” my husband shouted at me when I asked him.

I could not understand how after a decade my husband had turned to be a monster who was sabotaging the wealth that we had built together. This meant that in the event something happened, our children would be left with no wealth at all.

I had to do something. I tried getting the help of lawyers but none of them would help saying my husband had perfectly forged my signature and the courts would not help me. I shared this story with my mother back in the village and she told me I had to do something.

“My daughter, if you don’t recover your properties your children will die poor. Contac Doctor Kazimoto and he will help you recover them,” she told me.

I called the doctor on +254741930918 and asked him to help me recover my husband and my properties as the side chick was taking over my home. Using his spells, the doctor discovered that the side chick had used Juju powers to control my husband. The doctor was able to break those powers using his spells.

Doctor Kazimoto’s spells helped my husband come back to his senses and he dumped the side chick. I would advise anyone with a similar problem to seek help from KAZIMOTO DOCTORS.

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