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My husband refused to address his low libido for two years in marriage. This is waht I had to do

We had been into marriage for only two years. During courtship period, my husband was just good when it came to sex but things went amiss after we got into marriage. He completely became uninterested. We rarely had intimany. At times I even started having guts of looking for someone who would meet my sexual needs I was tired with such a life.

We argued about a lot about this because I felt our relationship had turned into a friendship. We really loved each other and this was the only problem we had at that particular time. I spoke to him to seek some medication and he would say he was so much surprised and always he had an excuse. Most of the times he would say he was so much tired due to the kind of work he did at his workplace and I failed to understand how he even not spared only one hour for our marital rite.

Most of the times I felt like we stayed in our house like two women. At one time I told him how I was so much concerned with how he treated me when it came to intercourse and he would get angry to the extent of even causing a wrangle. I really did not like this and I had to ensure everything was okay since we would not live in the same house without intimacy. I really did not feel like leaving him and each day I hoped he would improve only for things to be even worse.

As I was in the process of looking for a longtime solution, I heard about a native doctor on social media. The traditional doctor had been helping a lot of people with different problems have a stress free life. When I cross checked the testimonials from his facebook page, he had helped a vast number of men who had the low libido problem. I told my husband of this traditional doctor and luckily he accepted to try him.

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Dr Mugwenu subjected him to some bitter herbs and oils which would ensure his low sex drive was no more. Each day I would cook the herbs and add into his meal as Dr Mugwenu had recommended. After a week, things changed as my husband would now show that sex interest. We would have sex daily unlike before when we had it twice a month.

The traditional doctor says his spells casting power work within 24 hours. He handles general problems ranging from winning court cases, winning lottery and protection of family and property. He heals blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers,  gonorrhea, syphilis, TB and manhood problems among other ailments. Connect with him on +254740637248.Email website for more.